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50 Weird but Brilliant Things on Amazon That Are Insanely Cheap


Somewhat odd, utterly useful. In my line of work, I come across a lot of weird — but brilliant — Amazon products. From to quirky gift ideas, there are so many genius inventions that make life so much better.

What’s more, these bizarre little curios don’t cost a ton of money. In fact, you’ll be pleased to learn that my picks below are all ridiculously cheap. If you’re in the market for some , then keep reading — I’ve got you covered.

01 These Car Organizers That Fill the Gap Between Your Seat & Console If you’ve ever accidentally dropped your phone or wallet into the gap between your car seat and console, you know what a pain it can be to fish it out. These are designed to fit snugly inside those small spaces, allowing you to store your small essentials right next to you as you drive. Made out of faux leather and Oxford cloth, the durable storage units come in neutral shades of black, brown, tan, and gray.

02 This Stainless Steel Screen That Protects Your Arms From Hot Oil Splatters Any avid home cook would benefit from this handheld . Constructed from fine stainless steel mesh, the tool protects your forearms from hot, spitting oil as you fry your food — and it also protects your stove and walls. The screen also doubles as a cooling rack and a pot strainer.

Once you start using it, you may wonder how you were ever able to cook without it. 03 A Pair Of Metal Claws That Shred Meat With Ease Shredding chicken, pork, or brisket for your next barbecue or taco night? These metal make easy work of this once-laborious task. The sharp prongs rip through cooked meat with ease, while simultaneously making you feel like Wolverine.

You can also use the claws to transport hot meat from the grill or oven to your serving tray. 04 This Swiveling Vegetable Peeler With So Many Different Uses Besides removing the skin from your potatoes, zucchini, and carrots, this can be used in so many different ways. The swiveling stainless steel head creates long, even peels, making it ideal for shaving a bar of chocolate or grating cheese.

Not to mention, each Cave Tools purchase includes a downloadable recipe book with dozens of hassle-free meal ideas. 05 The Sturdy Metal Rack That Evenly Cooks Your Chicken Wings & Legs Whether you prepare your chicken wings over the grill or in the oven, this sturdy ensures your poultry cooks to juicy perfection. An included grill tray even catches the drippings from your chicken as it cooks, so you can reserve it for an extra-tasty gravy.

The cleverly designed rack holds up to 12 pieces of chicken — besides wings, it also accommodates drumsticks, thighs, and legs. 06 This Microwaveable Ramen Bowl With an Aesthetically Pleasing Design Available in vibrant hues of forest green, bright yellow, and rose pink, this might just be the most aesthetically pleasing ever. The microwave-safe bowl even includes a locking lid and heat-resistant handle for preparing your meal at the office or in your dorm.

The lid is designed with extra helpful features, including sealable air holes and a set of collapsible metal chopsticks. 07 A Sleek Digital Kitchen Scale That Takes the Guesswork Out of Measuring Made from sleek stainless steel, this is as sophisticated as it is functional — and it’s perfect for any avid baker. The large LCD screen clearly displays the weight of your ingredients, all the way up to 11 pounds.

Slim and lightweight, the scale barely takes up any room in your drawer or on your counter — and it even comes in matte white, pink, mint, and black options, as well. 08 The Handy Condiment Fork That Grabs Pickles, Olives, Peppers & More Where ordinary forks fail, the succeeds. Designed with three long metal prongs, this little condiment fork is perfect for pulling pickles, olives, peppers, and other preserved foods out of the jar without getting your fingers messy.

Even better, it has an accompanying caddy that secures around the mouth of your jar with an elastic band. 09 A Key Chain-Sized Charging Cable That’s Compatible With Most Devices Never find yourself stuck with a dead phone battery again. This ultra-compact is small enough to fit on your key chain, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

The universal cord is designed with six different types of outlets, so it’s compatible with a wide range of electronic devices — it’s basically the Swiss Army knife of chargers. 10 These Ultra-Absorbent Dishcloths That Are More Cost-Effective Than Paper Towels You can use these over and over again — making them a less expensive (and more eco-friendly) alternative to traditional paper towels. With a little bit of water, the cloths soften up enough to mop up household spills.

When dry, they’re stiff enough for scouring the tub. Each versatile dishcloth is suited for a wide range of surfaces, including tile, marble, stainless steel, and wood. Just throw them in the wash when they need a refresh.

11 This Leakproof Trash Can That Keeps Your Car Litter-Free Keep your car free of messes by investing in this leakproof that attaches to the back of your seat with a set of adjustable straps. Designed with a magnetic lid and reinforced, padded walls, the 4-gallon bin ensures that trash, crumbs, and even liquid spills stay off your vehicle’s interior. A mesh side pocket provides extra storage for a pack of wet wipes, tissues, or hand sanitizer.

12 A Set Of Zip-Up Storage Cubes That Make Packing So Much Easier When packing for your next vacation or business trip, make it easy on yourself by picking up a set of these . The zip-up containers allow you to organize your clothes, so they’re not all jumbled together inside your suitcase. A mesh window on the top of each cube enables you to see what’s inside at a glance.

13 This Outlet Extender With a Built-in Shelf for Your Charging Device Equipped with six AC outlets, two USB ports, and one USB-C port, this makes it oh-so easy to charge multiple devices at once. For added convenience, a built-in shelf above the outlets provides the perfect spot to place your electronics while they power up. A slot at the center of the shelf even allows you to run your charging cord directly through.

14 The Microwaveable Tortilla Warmer With a Rustic Granite Look Keep your tortillas — as well as your pita bread, biscuits, and even pancakes — toasty over the course of your meal with this . Featuring a rustic granite pattern, the tortilla holder also looks great on any dining table. The lid features a handle made of heat-resistant silicone, so you can easily access your food as soon as it comes out of the microwave.

15 A Whimsical Bug-Shaped Light With Flexible Legs This itty-bitty is shaped like a bug, with four flexible arms that allow it to wrap around your belt, camping tent, backpack, and more. The hands-free gadget is powered by two lithium batteries, and it’s also resistant to sun and rain. Set it up wherever you need a little extra light — the bug goes wherever you do.

16 These Flexible Silicone Lids That Keep Your Leftovers Fresh Stretchy and flexible, these fit over a wide array of food containers, pots, and even halved fruit. You get seven different sizes in a pack, ranging from 2. 6 inches to 12 inches — so you’re completely covered when reaching for a lid.

Each lid is safe to go in the freezer, microwave, oven, and perhaps most importantly, the dishwasher. 17 A Pair Of Magnetic Grill Lights That Keep the Barbecue Going Well Into the Evening Designed with flexible necks that bend any which way, these secure to the hood of your barbecue with a magnetic base. Their bright bulbs shine down on your grill as the sun goes down, so you can keep flipping burgers well into the evening.

You can also use these genius tools to illuminate the space underneath your car’s hood or around your campsite. 18 This Adjustable Running Belt That Keeps Your Essentials Close By This adjustable has plenty of space for all your small essential items, including your phone, wallet, keys, and cash. It’s made out of moisture-wicking, durable neoprene, so you can rest assured your things will remain safe and dry during your jog.

Other helpful features include reflective safety lining, a rainproof zipper, and an opening for your headphone cord. 19 These Ingenious Dip Bowls That Clip Right Onto Your Plate A game-changer for barbecues and picnics, these provide the perfect spot for your ketchup, salsa, and all the rest of your favorite dipping sauces. The ingenious design allows your guests to dip their fries, chips, and hot dogs from any spot in your backyard, without getting condiments all over the plate.

You get three different colors in this variety pack, so everyone can remember whose plate is whose. 20 A Unique Cleaning Brush That Gets Knife Blades Squeaky Clean With its unique, wrap-around design, this ensures that both sides of your blade get clean at once. In fact, you can scrub all of your cutlery down with the double-sided brush — it stays securely in your hand thanks to a textured grip.

The brush can be easily stored on the side of your drying rack or dish basin. 21 This Nonstick Meat & Potato Masher With 5 Angled Blades Whether you’re chopping up hamburger meat or mashing potatoes, this makes your life so much easier. The five angled blades effortlessly work through soft foods — and, since the tool is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit — you can even use it to mash cooked foods straight out of the pot.

22 These Self-Draining Soap Dishes That Keep Sogginess at Bay The curved, concave design of these allows excess water to drain as soon as you place your bar next to your sink. No more moist, slippery soap in between uses — each self-draining dish ensures the bar dries quickly. Place one in the bathroom, another in the kitchen, and the last one in your shower.

23 A Trio of Ultra-Sharp Knives For Slicing, Dicing & Mincing Level up your kitchen game with this trio of . The stainless steel blades effortlessly cut through vegetables, fruit, and raw meat, removing the hassle out of your meal prep process. You get three different sizes in a set, allowing you to tackle a wide range of chopping, slicing, and mincing tasks.

24 The Wall-Mounted Drink Holder for Your Shower Beer Easily mountable on any glass or tile surface, this wall-mounted is perfect for keeping your go-to shower beer (or seltzer) on hand while you lather up. It sticks to your wall without any suction cups, thanks to 30 Watt’s patented adhesive technology. Whenever you want to readjust its position, all you have to do is peel it off the wall.

25 These Silicone Oven Rack Guards That Shield Your Hands From Burns Made from heat-resistant silicone, these slip right over the edges of your metal racks, where they work to protect your forearms and hands from accidental burns. Measuring 14 inches in length, they’re designed to fit most oven racks, but you can always cut them down to size with a pair of scissors. Choose from high-visibility red or neutral gray colors.

26 A Mini Fridge Container for Your Deli Meats & Cheeses Designed with a silicone-seal snap lid and a grooved bottom for catching excess juices, this mini is ideal for keeping your sliced meats and cheeses fresh in the fridge. Measuring just 5. 75 inches wide, it barely takes up any space on your shelf.

The transparent lid is even compatible with dry-erase markers, so you can easily jot down expiration dates. 27 These Drawer Dividers That Keep Your Undergarments Organized & Tidy Tired of rifling through your top drawer looking for that missing sock? These work wonders in keeping your undergarments organized. Each bin varies slightly in size and shape, so your underwear, bras, socks, and belts each have a designated spot.

When the bins aren’t in use, they fold flat for compact storage. 28 An Adjustable Tablet Stand That Always Comes in Handy You’ll find so many uses for this versatile , whether you’re watching TV, video chatting with a relative, or scrolling through a recipe. Compatible with devices measuring from 4 inches to 11 inches, the sturdy metal stand can be adjusted to any angle for comfortable viewing.

Its foldable design also makes it incredibly portable. 29 These Heat-Resistant Baking Mats That Make Post-Meal Cleanup a Breeze These heat-resistant make cleaning up after a big meal much easier. Instead of scrubbing away cooked on grease and residue, all you have to do is peel the silicone mat away and rinse it with some soapy water.

An added bonus? Each reusable mat features a set of circular stencils for creating perfectly round cookies and macarons. 30 This Brilliant Vegetable Chopping Tool With So Many Different Uses Why waste time slicing veggies when you could chop them up in one swift motion? This comes equipped with four different blades: two for dicing, one for spiralizing, and one for creating ribbons. Whether you need to chop up an onion or create long zucchini spirals for homemade “zoodles,” this tool has got you covered.

A large catch tray beneath the slicer stores your prepped vegetables until you’re ready to cook with them. 31 A Set Of Reusable Drinking Straws That Are Eco-Friendly These reusable are not only an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ones — they add an aesthetically pleasing touch to any drink. This set of 20 straws includes cool hues of navy blue, mint green, and rose pink — each one comes pre-bent for easy sipping.

You also get a long cleaning brush and a carrying pouch for easy portability. 32 This Travel Mug That Brews Pour-Over Coffee on the Go Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or simply heading out on your morning commute, this keeps your morning cup of joe piping hot. Thanks to a built-in mesh filter, you can even whip up a mug of pour-over coffee (or loose leaf tea) on the go.

The tightly locking lid ensures there are no splashes, even if you hit a bump in the road. 33 These Magnetic Cable Ties That Are So Freakin’ Useful From keeping your earbud cords tangle-free to sealing an open bag of chips, these nifty have so many different uses. Clip one onto your page as a bookmark, or use another to hang a set of keys from from your refrigerator.

You get five brightly colored silicone ties in a pack — perfect for color coding your belongings. 34 This Cocktail Muddler & Stirring Spoon for the Aspiring Mixologist Two essential pieces of cocktail-making equipment — one wallet-friendly price. Made from sleek stainless steel, this makes a fantastic addition to any bar cart or liquor shelf.

The grooved muddler is designed with a scratch-proof nylon head to effortlessly mash herbs, fruit, and spices without damaging your shaker or glass. Meanwhile, the dual-ended spoon features a trident fork on one end for picking up pieces of fruit and garnishes. 35 A Clip-on Strainer That’s Great for Compact Kitchens Tight on kitchen shelf space? This is a fraction of the size of a traditional colander, and it works just as well — maybe even better.

Just clamp it onto the edges of your pot, then pour the boiling water directly into the sink. Your pasta or veggies stay in the pot, so you can easily add butter, olive oil, or your favorite sauce. When not in use, the silicone strainer lies flat inside your drawer.

36 This Stainless Steel Container That Holds Your Bacon Grease Before you toss that leftover bacon grease, consider storing it inside this . Thoughtfully designed with an easy-pour spout, stainless steel filter, and wide handle, the grease holder stores your leftover drippings until you’re ready to use them again. And what can you use them for, you might ask? Try adding a little bacon grease to your eggs, pancakes, or even your popcorn for a delicious treat.

37 The Handheld Fan That Keeps You Cool Wherever You Go Hot days call for a bit of backup in the cooling department — this is great to have on hand. Whether you’re on the subway or at an amusement park, the USB-rechargeable fan provides you with a blast of cool air wherever you happen to be. Its folding design allows you to set it up on your desk or store it away in your pocket.

38 An Adorable Utensil Rest Shaped Like a Friendly Crustacean Meet Red the Crab, a whimsical — and useful — that perches on the side of your pot. Red’s silicone claws firmly grasp your mixing spoon, ladle, or tongs while you cook — you can also use his body as a wedge, allowing steam to escape from underneath your pot’s lid. This durable, heat-resistant tool is a welcome addition to any kitchen (hint: it makes a great gift).

39 This Set of Illustrated Cards to Inspire Your Next Workout Feeling stuck in a workout rut? These are here to inspire and motivate you. Each card offers clear, step-by-step instructions — simply pull one out of the deck to get started. There are 20 sets available, ranging from barbell workouts to pilates to yoga.

40 The Detangling Brush That Glides Through Knots Painlessly With a unique wave shape, this glides through knots and tangles without any snags. The wide-set, conic bristles are soft and flexible, working to separate strands sideways (instead of down), which proves a gentle enough process for even for wet hair. Plus, this detangling brush is suited for all hair types, whether your strands are curly, coarse, or fine.

41 A Manual Patty Press for Restaurant-Quality Burgers If you want to kick things up a notch at your next cookout, try this . Made of lightweight yet durable aluminum, the burger mold allows you to shape quarter-pound and third-pound patties with ease. Simply place the meat inside and push down with the handle.

No mess, no hassle — just consistent, restaurant-quality burgers every single time. 42 These Copper Mugs for Crafting the Perfect Moscow Mule It’s a simple fact: Moscow mules simply taste better in copper mugs. This features a cool, hammered texture and streamlined handles.

Even better, you get a copper jigger for pouring vodka and lime juice as well as a pair of copper straws for sipping. Now all you need to find is a drinking buddy. 43 A Pack of Colorful Wine Stoppers That Seal Your Open Bottles Say you’ve popped open a bottle of wine, but you’d like to save the rest for later — without it oxidizing.

Just grab one of these and place it in the bottle’s opening. Made of food-grade silicone and stainless steel, each stopper is designed with ridges that keep it securely wedged in place. This wallet-friendly pack comes with eight pieces, so you can divvy them up among family members or friends.

44 This Digital Meat Thermometer That’s So Easy to Use Instead of guessing when your meat is done cooking, use this to get an accurate temperature read. The large LCD screen clearly displays temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, while a small chart on the front serves as a guideline for different types of meat. You can also insert the metal prong into liquids such as cooking oil or melted chocolate.

When you’re not using it, it magnetizes to the fridge or grill for easy access. 45 A Sophisticated Glass Teapot With a Built-in Infuser Large enough to hold up to 5 cups of tea, this sophisticated is perfect for serving small groups an afternoon cuppa. Just heat the teapot in the microwave, then add your favorite loose leaf blend to the stainless steel infuser.

Then, just kick back, relax, and enjoy your freshly brewed mug of tea. 46 This Convenient Honey & Syrup Dispenser With a No-Drip Design Drizzling honey or maple syrup over your food has never been easier, thanks to this ingenious Just press down on the metal trigger to start the flow of syrup, then remove your finger to stop the flow — no excess dripping or mess. Covered in a subtle honeycomb pattern, the glass dispenser also looks great on your countertop sitting in its matching holder.

47 The Callus-Removing Gel With an Invigorating Citrus Scent Not only does this exfoliate away the dry, dead skin on your feet, it also perks you up with a lemon and tea tree oil scent. The effective formula works fast — just rub a small amount over your tough calluses, wait five minutes, then follow up with a pumice stone scrubber for ultra-smooth, soft soles. 48 This Set of Leakproof Bottles That You Can Travel With Before your next vacation, don’t stress about buying mini-sized toiletries — this reusable holds your shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, and more.

Made from squeezable silicone, the travel-friendly bottles breeze through airport security in their zip-up transparent case. They’re accompanied by a set of jars, sprayers, and mini scoops, along with a funnel for transferring product from one bottle to another. 49 A Nonstick Sandwich Griddle for Quick, Easy Lunches With its nonstick copper grilling surface, this is easy to use easy to clean.

It offers enough space for two whole sandwiches, making it a time-efficient way to whip up a tasty lunch for you and a partner or roommate. Pro tip: You can even use this sandwich press to make a batch of delicious french toast. 50 This Whimsical Candle Shaped Like a Bowl of Lucky Charms Gift this whimsical to the breakfast enthusiast in your life, or pick one up for yourself — its French vanilla scent is hard to resist.

The candle comes in a glass bowl with a metal spoon, complete with wax cereal pieces and marshmallows that look like they came straight out of a Lucky Charms box. Other playful designs include bowls of Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops, and even Goldfish. .

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