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NIT Trichy organises technical fest Pragyan


In a world that is growing at a dynamic rate fueled by an intellectual community comprising of exuberant entrepreneurs, ingenious inventors, and resourceful engineers, it’s no secret that the success of the future largely depends on the decisions made today. This is especially true in the contemporary world, where the youth population is taking the world by storm by pushing the envelope through uncharted territories and breaking boundaries that are unchallenged. Pragyan, the technical fest of NIT Trichy, remains steadfast in their agenda to define the future today by capitalizing on the largest asset of India – the cornucopia of young innovators and pioneers who will inherit that future.

Youth Summit 2023, was conducted by the Technical Council along with Pragyan on February 26th, at Comfort Inn Sys, Bangalore. This event was another step towards bringing the message of “Let’s Celebrate Technology” to the massive youth population of our country and inspire them to aspire towards becoming innovators. With over eight speaker sessions from industrial experts and over 80 participants, the event aimed to ignite the spark of innovation within every attendee.

The speakers who graced the event included famous personalities whose names have become analogous with innovation in the tech industry. For starters, Rajeev Palanki, Employee Experience Leader for IBM India, enlightened the audience by using important life lessons as examples to highlight the role of communication in achieving professional and personal career growth. Nirali Bhatia, a counseling psychologist, Founder of Cyber B.

A. A. P, spoke about the rising concerns with regards to the challenges faced by the youth generation in the age of the the internet.

She took a deep dive into the harmful psychological effects of cyberbullying, addiction, and also left the audience with food for thought by discussing the impact of social media on human behaviour and cognitive function. Prakash Selvakumar, the assistant Vice President of Data Science and Insights at Genpact, talked about various data science proficiencies and techniques used in the industry. He focussed on the growth of data science oriented careers and encouraged everyone to view data as the currency of the future in the realm of technology.

He was followed by Prateek Sethi, the Creative Director of Trip Creative Services, who gave an impressive presentation on animation and edu-tainment. He let the audience pick his creative brain by showing how multimedia, animation and infotainment have a massive role to play in the ever-approaching future. Narendra Raj, a massive YouTube influencer and graduate from IIT Guwahati, emboldened Prateek Sethi’s views, by walking the audience through his journey from an engineer to a content creator.

The next speaker to grace the dias was Aanand Srinivas, an alumni from NIT Trichy who has garnered extensive experience in the ed-tech industry. He spoke about how the road out of NIT-T had led him to major ed-tech companies like Byju’s and Khan academy before he took the decision to break into entrepreneurship with his own startup named StayQrious. The last speaker of the day was Suhas Motwani.

He is the founder of The Product Folks, a volunteer-driven community of PMs and enthusiasts. This venture along with being the Co-Founder of Indistractable, a new-age minimalist launcher to curb digital distraction, has made him an authority on community building and innovative thinker of this decade. His insightful talk emphasized on the importance of simplifying objectives to boost productivity.

The event was attended by students from different colleges and diverse backgrounds. The Youth Summit served as a platform and opportunity for learning, networking, and exchanging ideas with like-minded people. The event concluded with a vote of thanks that was delivered by Kaviprashanna Krishnamoorthy, Head of Technical Council NIT Trichy.

The summit was a massive success and Pragyan hopes that this event will be yet another important stone on the long road towards realizing a golden age of technological innovation amongst our country’s youth. .

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