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Introducing Ear (2) Black Along With Two New Nothing X Features

Discover the cutting-edge Ear (2) Black with two new groundbreaking Nothing X features. Find out more now!


Nothing, the London-based consumer technology brand, announces a new black variant for its highly acclaimed Hi-Res Audio certified and noise-cancellation earbuds, Ear (2). Alongside new Advanced Equaliser for Ear (2) and Ear (stick), and a Noise Reduction feature for Ear (stick).

Ear (2) Black

Ear (2) delivers an authentic sound experience, boasting Hi-Res Audio certification and LHDC 5.0 technology. The earbuds feature an 11.6 mm custom driver for deep, powerful bass and crystal-clear highs with a new dual chamber design that enhances the overall sound quality with smoother airflow. Ear (2) also features Dual Connection for easy device switching, Personal Sound Profile for next-level personalisation, improved wind-proof and crowd-proof Clear Voice Technology, and Personalised Active Noise Cancellation that adapts to the unique shape of a user’s ear canal. The new black colourway comes after Ear (2) recently won the Red Dot Design Award and features a new smoky and matte black finish. Ear (2) black is available now via a limited drop on and will be more widely available in GCC starting from 22 July.

Introducing Ear (2)

Nothing Ear (2) earbuds
Nothing Ear (2)

Advanced Equaliser

Ear (2) and Ear (stick) users can now enjoy the new Advanced Equaliser to customise sound with a higher level of precision. This new advanced equaliser gives users even more freedom to control how they want to hear their music through an intuitive and simple graphical interface. It allows a deep level of customisation through a parametric 8-band equaliser with a real-time preview of the changes, the full Q factor, and frequency control. Available via the Nothing X app, this new feature will also let users share their EQ profile or download others through a QR code.

Nothing Ear 2 earbuds
Nothing Ear 2 earbuds

Noise Reduction

Nothing also introduced Noise Reduction for Ear (stick) to enable users to attenuate ambient noises and enjoy music on a deeper level. With a half-in-ear design, Ear (stick) has been designed for all-day comfort with exceptional sound, thanks to its 12.6 mm custom driver, and features a unique charging case inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes. Noise Reduction brings further comfort to the listening experience. To access this new feature, users can go to the Settings in the Nothing X app.

Pricing and Availability

  • Ear (2) black will be available at SAR 539/ AED 479 in KSA and UAE
  • On 15 July, the black version will be found in Sharaf DG Dubai Mall in the UAE and Jarir Bookstore in Riyadh Olaya.
  • Pre-orders will start later on the 18th July and Open Sales on the 22nd July.
  • The Advanced Equaliser will be available from today on Nothing X for all Ear (2) and Ear (stick) users.
  • The Noise Reduction feature will be available today on Nothing X for all Ear (stick) users.

About Nothing

Nothing is here to make tech fun again. Founded in 2020, their debut smartphone, Phone (1), made Time Magazine’s prestigious “Best Inventions of 2022”. Through cutting-edge design and user interface innovation, the London-based company is creating an alternative ecosystem of tech products for the young and creative. Nothing’s products are developed in close collaboration with their community, which includes over 8,000 private investors, and are crafted with sustainability at the forefront.

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