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HUAWEI nova 12i: More Than Meets the Eye – 108MP Camera, 40W Fast Charging, and Beyond


The HUAWEI nova series, beloved by young smartphone users for its big battery, big storage, and big display, is back with the HUAWEI nova 12i. This latest model retains the lightweight build and delivers powerful upgrades. Most of all, HUAWEI nova 12i stands out for its upgraded camera capabilities, adding an exceptional 108MP High-Res Camera.

The theme of the HUAWEI nova 12 series inherits its preceding generations’ messaging: to inspire confidence and self-expression in young users. Not only does the HUAWEI nova 12i incorporate this ethos in the engineering of its main features, but it also steps up in design with a spinoff on the iconic galaxy-inspired nova design by adding the dazzling Super Star Orbit Ring as a highlight around its central camera module.

 HUAWEI nova 12i
HUAWEI nova 12i

 Make Every Moment Picturesque: 108MP High-Res Photography

The HUAWEI nova 12i offers a truly advanced photography experience with its ultra-high definition 108MP camera. This system features a large F1.9 aperture, a 1/1.67-inch sensor, and nine-in-one-pixel fusion technology, ensuring versatile shots with incredible light sensitivity.

Most significantly, the HUAWEI nova 12i’s 108MP High-Res Camera is powered by RAW Domain Algorithm. Using this patented technology, the HUAWEI nova 12i can optimise brightness, clarity, and dynamic range for vivid colours and balanced presentation in both bright and dark areas. The result is a natural, true-to-life image. Even in challenging scenarios like backlit HDR or low light, the nine-in-one pixel fusion delivers exceptional brightness without sacrificing detail.

Better yet, night shots will see improved highlight suppression and greater clarity. This is most visibly seen in commonly affected images such as night photography with decorative streetlights and car lights, where light is sometimes disproportionately presented and fails to be presented in a balanced way. Thanks to the HUAWEI nova 12’s powerful 108MP camera, users need not feel restricted to capturing the photograph in front of them – now, a picture-perfect photograph is just a click away.

 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo: A Full Day of Battery in Just 30 minutes

Everyone knows the frustration of a dying battery, especially when travelling or away from a charger. The HUAWEI nova 12i solves this problem with its powerful 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo. It can give you fill-up the battery to 62% capacity in 30 minutes, i.e., a full day’s worth of usage. Even in high-power consumption usage scenarios, it can be used to eliminate low battery anxiety.

Live Larger with Large Battery and Large Storage

Today’s smartphones are, no doubt, powerhouses. But their features mean nothing without the battery and storage to back them up. Young users especially, who rely on their smartphones for everything from school and work to entertainment, often find their devices struggling to keep up.

The HUAWEI nova 12i solves all of these problems. With up to a massive 256GB of storage, you’ll have ample space for all your important documents, favourite music, cherished photos, and more.  Plus, the 5000mAh battery gives you all-day power to work, play, and create without constantly searching for a charger.

Even better, the HUAWEI nova 12i’s battery comes with intelligent AI Power Saving Technology.  It adapts to your usage patterns, closing inactive apps to ensure you get the most out of every charge – giving you even more out of that big battery.

EMUI 14: Elevating Security and Personalization

The HUAWEI nova 12i is made even more thrilling with the debut of EMUI 14. This new operating system enhances the user experience to unprecedented levels. It offers advanced security management and customizable lock screen themes, complete with Always-On Display (AOD) support, ensuring a secure and tailored experience. EMUI 14 also introduces the Live View and Notification Centre. These features allow users to manage their multitasking needs efficiently by optimising alerts and simplifying the user interface, keeping them informed and focused on their tasks.

Dynamic Visuals: 6.7” AOD Screen

The HUAWEI nova 12i seamlessly blends a lightweight design with an expansive 6.7-inch AOD screen. The razor-thin bezels give you a wider, more immersive view – perfect for gaming, streaming, or browsing. On top of that, it adds Smooth Dimming Control. This adaptive feature dynamically adjusts screen brightness based on varying ambient light levels, reducing eye strain and providing optimal visual comfort.

This generation of nova also comes with an all-new AOD feature to keep important information always accessible. It displays time, battery status, and real-time notifications from food deliveries, taxi-hailing apps, and more. You can further personalise your experience with EMUI 14 Theme Locked Screens and real-time dynamic weather displays.

The HUAWEI nova 12 Series is available for pre-order starting from March 29th till April 2nd. The Huawei nova 12s is priced at AED 1,599 and comes in black, white, and blue colours. Pre-order comes with free gifts worth AED 469, which includes the HUAWEI FreeBuds 5i, a General-Energetic Work Gift Package, Viu 6-month subscription, and 3 months of HUAWEI Care+ service. On the other hand, the Huawei nova 12 SE is priced at AED 1,199 in black and green colours, while the HUAEWEI nova 12i is priced at AED 949 and also comes in black and green colours. Pre-orders for both devices come with free gifts worth AED 379, which includes the HUAWEI FreeBuds SE 2, a General-Energetic Work Gift Package, Viu 6-month subscription, and 3 months of Huawei Care Plus service.

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