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Chery Automobile appoints Lucy Aziz as “Regional Head of PR & Communication” of OMODA & JAECOO Brands

  • Chery Automobile, the giant car manufacturer appoints a top-notch team to lead OMODA & JAECOO brands in the region.
  • OMODA&JAECOO, which are dedicated to leading future travel, officially announced that two new brands are coming to the UAE in Q3 2024.
  • Lucy Aziz will lead the public relations and corporate communication of OMODA & JAECOO brands in the GCC region.


Chery Automobile appoints Lucy Aziz – a prominent public relations professional with over a decade of experience in the field- as regional head of Public relations and communication of OMODA & JAECOO brands.

Regarding her new role, Lucy stated with enthusiasm: “It is a great honor to join the distinguished Chery team in introducing the region to world-class O&J brands.”

Lucy further highlighted that OMODA and JAECOO, officially unveiled as independent brands at the 20th Shanghai Auto Show in April 2023, are modern and technologically advanced, targeting young-minded users worldwide. She expressed her aspiration to bring these exceptional brands to GCC users, sharing the future technology O&J brings to the automotive industry. Lucy added her excitement about the upcoming launch of these brands in the region.

Worth noting, Lucy Aziz holds Egyptian citizenship and a master’s degree with honors in business administration and marketing from the University of Ulster in London, United Kingdom.

Mr. Chao Qin, the CEO of OMODA & JAECOO in the MENA Region,  stated, “The appointment of Lucy signifies the beginning of a thrilling new chapter for our organisation in the region. Due to her extensive experience and track record of generating success in diverse sectors, Lucy’s leadership will play a crucial role in establishing our strategies and expanding our footprint in the GCC market. In introducing OMODA and JAECOO to the GCC region, her leadership qualities and experience navigating complex business environments and cultivating solid stakeholder and media relationships will unquestionably be instrumental. We eagerly anticipate witnessing Lucy’s dynamic approach come to fruition and the concrete outcomes it will produce for all parties involved.”

Lucy’s extensive experience and advantages have allowed her to succeed in various competitive markets. She is fluent in both Arabic and English and possesses exceptional personal communication skills. Additionally, Lucy boasts extensive experience in implementing successful public relations campaigns, exceeding expectations with her achievements.

Lucy Aziz enjoyed a wonderful career prior to joining Chery. Previously, she held the position of Head of Public Relations and Communications at OPPO since February 2020. During her tenure at OPPO, her responsibilities included developing communication strategies for the company across six countries, and managing media and public relations strategies, budgets, and work methodologies. Additionally, she contributed to building OPPO’s brand reputation by collaborating with various stakeholders.

Lucy Aziz
Lucy Aziz
Regional Head of PR & Communication of OMODA & JAECOO brands

Lucy successfully managed the launch campaigns for 13 major OPPO products in the GCC countries, ,her outstanding performance and exceptional passion for her work were recognized and rewarded at OPPO. Lucy received the Best Distinctive Idea Award (2020) and the Dedicated Employee Award (2021). Her achievements in the technology sector were further recognized at the 2022 GBTech Awards, where she received the Excellence Award for Women in the Technology Sector. In 2023, she also received the “Best Communications Pioneers of 2023” award at the Gulf Business Awards.

In addition, Lucy’s skillful leadership of OPPO’s PR and Technology department resulted in her team in the GCC receiving two PR Activities of the Year 2022 awards for the launch campaign of “Find X 5” and “Reno 8” series. Furthermore, she managed to  get “Best Public Relations Practices” award for the categories of marketing communications and public relations for technology companies in the OPPO Global Public Relations Competition 2022.

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