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Amazon’s £15.99 energy gadget can upgrade your house to a smart home


When it comes to digital home innovations, being able to upgrade your regular appliances to smart appliances for just a few pounds sounds like an instant win. By introducing smart plugs shoppers can control devices from a distance and add remote functionality for less than the cost of an Amazon Dot. Amazon sells a wide range of smart plugs that connect with an app on your phone using WiFi or Bluetooth.

Once connected, you can control your appliances remotely, even when you are away from home. Inexpensive to buy, a smart plug could also help to save you money by switching off appliances that run in the background even when they are not in the use. If you’ve never considered using smart plugs before, we’ve compiled some reasons why you should consider the switch to a smarter home for less.

With prices starting from as little as £15. 99 with Amazon’s discount deals, there are lots of different makes and models to choose from. READ MORE: Amazon Prime Day 2023 and how to get best deal for cheapest price Some of the best ones we’ve found include this pack of two smart plugs with voice control , as well as Amazon’s dedicated Alexa Smart Plug which you can also purchase at Argos or Currys.

What is a smart plug? You can use a smart plug with Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomeKit (Image: PA) A smart plug is an adapter that simply connects your device to the smart assistant you use in your home. Smart plugs do not need to connect to a hub and will let you add voice control to any socket in an instant. Some smart plugs will only work with your Alexa , while others can be used with a range of smart assistants including Google Home or Apple HomeKit .

By using the corresponding app you can control the device using your smart assistant, your phone or other smart devices. Most smart plugs will also support voice assistants meaning you can operate it using voice commands. They often come in packs of two or four , allowing you to control devices all around the home.

How can I use a smart plug? While technically smart plugs should work well with any appliance, they work best with single-operation electronics. This means you can use a smart plug to turn on the kettle, switch on lamps or turn off your hair straightener when you suddenly remember that you’ve left it on. Some smart plugs even come with timer settings on the app that allow you to schedule the smart plug to automatically power electronics on and off as needed.

Others feature the ability to view the energy consumption of each appliance on the smart app, which could be especially useful when looking to reduce the cost of your energy bills. By using the dedicated app on your phone, you can control the function of the smart plug using your smartphone. What to look for in a smart plug There are plenty of smart plugs to choose from, but before you buy, consider the following: Compatibility – the plug you choose must be able to connect with your Amazon Alexa, Google Home or other virtual assistants in order for it to work for you.

Ease of use – most plugs can be set up in just a few minutes and can be controlled via an app on your smartphone, tablet or other devices. Features – while all smart plugs will let you turn devices on and off, others will come with timers and energy usage monitors for just a few pounds more. WiFi connection will also be needed for the initial set-up in most instances.

Smart plugs that do not have WiFi connectivity may need an additional hub to operate through. You can also buy outdoor smart plugs that can withstand the weather to let you control your garden lights from afar. If you can’t wait to have a smart plug delivered from Amazon, High Street retailers including Robert Dyas , B&Q and Screwfix also stock a limited selection.

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