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Best watch phone combo for tween children: Parents raving over ‘fantastic’ gadget that comes with GPS tracking


“When can I get a phone?” The prickly question can arise as early as mid primary school but, as research shows, handing kids their own phone can cause all manner of issues and many parents want to hold out for as long as possible. But there are problems with this approach, too. Catch the best deals and products hand-picked by our team at As kids grow up, so too does their push for independence.

And with them catching the school bus or walking the few streets to soccer practice, a way for mum or dad to easily check in with them is important. This is where the products from come in. Designed specifically for the problem of giving your child the freedom to explore with confidence, its devices pair a simple watch with smartphone capabilities.

Its recent launch, the , provides video calling, talk and text, GPS location tracking and emergency SOS all in a wearable watch. What it doesn’t have are also plus points for phone-wary parents. There’s no social media or web browser so your kids can contact you and a list of pre-approved other numbers – but nobody else.

Like its other products, the has a school mode and switches to a regular watch during school hours so there’s no distraction for them. Other features include the for active kids and it also comes with the choice of for the fashion conscious ones! Parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson endorses the watches and says his tween daughter loves hers. “67 per cent of parents want to check in with their children when they are out and about,” he says in an Instagram video.

“But we don’t want to give our kids smartphones because they’re little and smartphones are big and expensive. There’s all sorts of risks associated with them; social media and cyber bullying and all of the dramas that come with smartphones. This is where the comes in and why we’ve got one for our tween.

” Other parents are also impressed with the ethos and many speak highly of the service received by the company too. “A fantastic product,” reported one parent. “This watch is a great solution to a tricky topic our 11-year-old, like a lot of children wanted more independence which in this day and age required a level of communication.

Spacetalk’s product is the solution. It is well thought out, user friendly and well made. ” “Suits our needs well.

Controlled phone numbers, no internet to tempt young people, blocks spam, enough gadgets for child to look/feel cool such as reminder alarms, calculator, weather etc,” said another. And it’s not just the parents who are happy. They also report their kids are pleased with the products too.

“Fantastic watch/phone for 12/13 year old that doesn’t want a phone,” said one. “Reliable, easy for them to manage, a way of keeping connection without them worrying about getting it out, leaving it somewhere, dropping it or having their ‘face in it’ all the time. ” “My daughter loves it,” said another.

“She can easily get hold of us after school for pick up if parent is stuck in traffic etc. And when out with friends she loves being able to contact us easily. ” Adventurer 2 requires a SIM card with a talk, text and data plan to keep you connected.

A SIM card is included with every purchase with plans starting at $13. 75 per month. The App is free if you use the SIM card included.

If you use a third-party SIM card, some fees apply. For more information or to buy the latest Adventurer model, head . .

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