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Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress review 2023


The Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress is the latest addition to T&N’s lineup. It boasts a dual layer of coils along with Micro Diamond memory foam to relieve pressure points and draw away body heat. Released in March 2023, it joins the incumbent Tuft & Needle Mint memory foam mattress and replaces the soon-to-be-retired Legacy Hybrid.

But it’s not cheap – a queen retails for $1,995, although we’ve seen it discounted by up to $700 during recent mattress sales . How does this newcomer compare to the best mattresses on the market? For three weeks in June 2023, we slept on a twin Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid, evaluating its overall comfort, temperature regulation, edge support, and ease of setup. Since it’s still fresh to the market, customer reviews are scarce, but the early feedback from Tuft & Needle shoppers is overwhelmingly positive for this hybrid mattress .

Type: Hybrid Materials: Memory foam, poly foam, coils Firmness: Medium-plush (but our assessment is medium-firm) Depth: 12 inches Trial period: 100 nights Warranty: 10 years MSRP: $1,395 – $2,595 The Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid is billed as the brand’s softest mattress with a medium-plush rating, but our six-member testing panel was divided on this, and most of us felt it was firmer (our official assessment is medium-firm). On the other hand, our group unanimously agreed that the Mint Hybrid is an exceptional mattress for side sleepers , and we even liked it for back sleeping. We don’t recommend it for stomach sleepers, though – our main tester started to develop lower back pain whenever she turned onto her stomach.

As a cooling mattress , the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid did a commendable job of keeping us dry and comfy. The Micro Diamond foam may sound like a gimmick, but it worked in tandem with the springs and gel and graphite-infused foam to prevent overheating. The top cover isn’t noticeably cool but it’s soft and breathable.

It’s also removable and machine-washable, which is convenient for maintaining proper sleep hygiene. The Mint Hybrid scored high marks in comfort and cooling but didn’t fare so well in our edge support and motion isolation tests. However, some Tuft & Needle customers who sleep with a restless partner claim they had a different (read: better) experience with the Mint Hybrid than we did in this area, and there’s a possibility that the reinforced edges are more prominent in larger sizes of this mattress.

Tuft & Needle offers a 100-night trial. If you’re not satisfied the brand will issue a full refund and work with you to donate the mattress to a local organization. (Elect to keep it and a 10-year warranty applies.

) The Mint Hybrid ships free, but you’ll want to enlist the help of a friend or family member to set it up since it’s a heavy mattress and there’s no white glove delivery option available. That’s our Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress review in a nutshell. Keep scrolling for a detailed breakdown of T&N’s new luxury mattress .

In the meantime, check out our Tuft & Needle Original mattress review if you’re curious about the brand’s entry-level memory foam mattress . The Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid debuted in March 2023 at $1,995 for a queen and $1,395 for a twin. It replaces the soon-to-be-discontinued Legacy Hybrid as the brand’s most expensive model and costs up to $500 more than the all-foam iteration of the Tuft & Needle Mint.

Overall, it sits in the premium price bracket. However, the T&N Mint Hybrid has already been discounted by up to $700 off thanks to recent holiday mattress sales . A queen T&N Mint Hybrid dropped to $1,456 over Memorial Day, knocking it to the brink of the upper mid-range tier and the lowest price we’ve seen for it thus far.

Tuft & Needle doesn’t run evergreen sales so it’s best to take advantage of markdowns when you can, especially for a premium build like the Mint Hybrid. We often see 10 to 15% off throughout the year, with the largest savings typically reserved for Black Friday mattress deals , which have been as much as 30% off in the past. For more savings, check out the latest Tuft & Needle promo codes .

Here is the official pricing for the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid: The Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid is available from major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Home Depot. These merchants typically follow T&N’s direct pricing, but it could still pay to shop around for surprise sales, exclusive bundle deals, or expedited shipping. However, our recommendation is to purchase straight from the manufacturer whenever possible for a better experience with aftercare.

Tuft & Needle includes a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty with purchase, which is on par with the industry average. White glove delivery isn’t available as a free or paid service – which is too bad since this is a heavy mattress. (As we’ll explain in more detail below, you’ll need help setting up this one.

) View the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid at Tuft & Needle Tuft & Needle’s newest mattress is a luxurious hybrid that combines two layers of coils with contouring foam and diamond-infused foam for a plush, cooling sleep experience. Take advantage of T&N sales when you can as evergreen offers aren’t typical for this brand – that said, Tuft & Needle’s Black Friday sales tend to be its strongest. The 12-inch Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid is a six-layer mattress made with two layers of coils.

There’s a tier of 1-inch nanocoils to offer targeted support plus a grid of 6-inch individually-wrapped springs to limit motion transfer. Along the edges are denser regions of coils for enhanced support when getting in or out of bed. Sandwiched between each segment of coils is a 1-inch layer of adaptive foam to add a softer feel.

Atop the dual layer of coils is a 2-inch layer of open-cell foam infused with graphite and gel plus an inch of memory foam infused with diamond particles. We’re familiar with the cooling properties of graphite and gel. .

. but diamonds? According to T&N, the diamond particles in its top-most foam layer will wick heat away from your body for a cooler sleep experience. Everything is wrapped in a soft cover that can be zipped off and thrown in the wash.

This makes maintaining proper sleep hygiene much easier to do, although we did find the zipper a bit fiddly when we tried to close the cover. We still recommend using a mattress protector to safeguard it from spills, stains, and allergens. (There’s also a non-skid bottom cover, but it’s spot-clean only and not removable.

) The T&N Mint Hybrid is the priciest and plushest of the brand’s active trio of mattresses. The mid-range Tuft & Needle Mint memory foam mattress has a medium feel, while the entry-level Tuft & Needle Original memory foam mattress is a medium-firm bed. If cooling is your top priority, then choose the Mint Hybrid – not so much for the diamond foam, but because beds with springs tend to have better airflow.

Learn more in our memory foam vs hybrid mattress explainer. The Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid is made in the USA using CertiPUR-US foams that are free from toxic chemicals and don’t have high levels of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. It’s also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, ensuring it’s been screened for over 10,000 harmful chemicals and gases.

Tuft & Needle rates its Mint Hybrid mattress a medium-plush, or a 4 on the firmness scale (with 1 being the softest). Interestingly, our six-person testing panel was split on this. Only a third of the group thought this was a plush mattress , while two others felt it was medium-firm (6.

5-7), and the remaining two participants found it decidedly firm (9). Based on these figures, we place it at 7. 5 out of 10 (medium-firm) on the firmness scale.

When it comes to comfort, our testers unanimously agree with Tuft & Needle – this is definitely a side sleeper mattress . Those in the group who slept on their side, regardless of stature, all said they felt well-supported. Back sleepers also approved of the Mint Hybrid, although one of us needed a brief adjustment period before getting comfy in this position.

Unfortunately, one stomach sleeper in the group (our main tester) experienced lower back pain whenever she moved from her side to her front since her pelvis would sink too far into the mattress. To test the pressure relief capabilities of the Mint Hybrid’s nanocoils and adaptive foam, we placed a 50lb kettlebell in the center of the mattress. The kettlebell sunk about three inches, and snapped back into place without any obvious indents once we removed it from the surface.

For human bodies, this translated to excellent pressure relief, especially along the shoulders, hips, and knees when side sleeping. (It was also evident in the lower lumbar for our back sleepers. ) One of our participants with a shoulder injury marveled at how he could sleep on the affected side without any pain, as the Mint Hybrid immediately took the pressure off.

For as much cushy comfort as the Tuft & Needle Mint boasts, some of our testers do wish it was just a touch firmer. However, a few of us also found it plenty firm with just enough relief and support. Let this serve as definitive proof that mattress firmness is truly subjective – which is why Tuft & Needle offers 100 nights to try it out.

Score: 4 out of 5 For three weeks in June 2023, we slept on a twin Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress, Following our mattress testing methodology , our six-person testing team evaluated its pressure relief and comfort (see above), edge support, motion isolation, and temperature regulation. Here’s how we got on. .

. Twin size beds are designed for solo sleeping so to test the motion isolation of the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid, we conducted a drop test using a 10lb weight and an empty wine glass to mimic the effect of a partner changing positions and exiting or entering the bed. We dropped the weight from six inches above the mattress at three different distances away from the glass.

The wine glass teetered when we dropped the weight from four and 12 inches away from it but stayed in place when we moved the drop point to 25 inches away. However, what caught our attention was the weight itself – on all three drops, it bounced a couple of times before settling into the surface. What we can infer from this test is that despite the claims of ‘optimal motion control’, this bed has plenty of bounce – enough to possibly disturb your partner if you move around a lot or operate on different schedules.

On the plus side, the mattress doesn’t creak when you shift positions, but for a side sleeper-approved hybrid that’s aces at motion isolation, read our Helix Midnight mattress review . Score: 2. 5 out of 5 We were in the throes of another sweltering Mid-Atlantic summer at the time we received our Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress, which afforded us the perfect opportunity to test its cooling capabilities.

For the majority of our testing period, we ran the central air conditioning unit and maintained a room temperature between 68 and 71 degrees F. We also used cotton sheets and a mid-weight poly-blend comforter throughout all three weeks. The highlight of the Mint Hybrid is a 1-inch top layer of Tuft & Needle’s Micro Diamond memory foam, which is infused with diamond particles that are meant to draw away body heat.

Tuft & Needle doesn’t provide much info about the science of it all, but diamond is a known thermal conductor. (It’s even used in high-power electronic devices to disperse heat. ) In addition to that is a 2-inch layer of gel and graphite-infused T&N Adaptive foam to help regulate temperature, followed by a dual layer of coils to keep the air flowing.

The top cover doesn’t have a noticeable cooling effect (nor is it advertised as having one), and it’s unclear what material it actually is – all we know is that it’s ‘super soft. ‘ We’re pleased to report that T&N’s combo of infused foam, springs, and a breathable cover kept us from breaking into a sweat. Our lead tester, who’s prone to sleeping warm, didn’t overheat once.

Several other members of our panel mentioned how ‘cool and comfortable’ the Mint Hybrid slept and felt it was a welcome reprieve from the heat. As a cooling mattress , the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid passes with flying colors. However, if you like the surface of your mattress to have an obvious soothing sensation, we can vouch for the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow .

It has a top cover that won’t lose its cool no matter how much you sleep on it. Score: 4. 5 out of 5 The Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid features firmer springs along the outside to create a stable surface for edge-to-edge sleeping.

This is also helpful for those with mobility problems who rely on good edge support to help themselves get in and out of bed. When we placed a 50lb kettlebell in the middle perimeter, it sank about two inches, with some noticeable bunching of the top cover. That’s not a terribly deep drop, and passes our general rule of thumb when it comes to edge support (that the sinkage at the edge is less than or equal to the sinkage in the center).

But how did our human testers fare sitting on the edges? Overall, we found the edge support of the T&N Mint Hybrid to be one of its weaker qualities. While a few of our testers said it was sufficient, most of us felt like we sank too low, almost like we were being pushed forward and off the bed. Our lead tester found herself rolling toward the edge a few times while sleeping on this mattress.

While it was steady enough to keep her from falling overboard, she didn’t find it all that supportive, either, and had to quickly squirm back to the center. It’s possible that larger sizes of the Mint Hybrid perform better in this category compared to our experience with a twin, but we believe sufficient edge support should be a fundamental feature of any mattress. Solo sleepers, especially on smaller beds, can often find themselves hogging the entire bed or rolling perilously close to the edge (like our lead tester).

More importantly, stable edges make it much easier to get in and out of bed if you have trouble getting around. For a hybrid with exceptional edge support across the board, take a look at our Awara Natural Hybrid mattress review . Our test unit then was a twin, as well – further proof that smaller beds can excel in this area.

Score: 3 out of 5 The Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid is your standard mattress in a box . It’ll arrive at your doorstep compressed in a cardboard box. There’s no option for white glove delivery, so we strongly recommend finding a friend or family member to help you set it up because this is a heavy mattress.

(Our twin Mint Hybrid tipped the scales at 72lbs. ) Our mattress came in an unmarked box, which contained another box with the mattress, an instruction sheet, and a couple of T&N stickers packed within. It took two of us to wriggle the rolled-up mattress out of the box.

Once we were successful, we set it on top of our platform bed frame , unfurled it, and removed all of the plastic. The mattress quickly inflated as soon as we unwrapped it, although Tuft & Needle says it could take up to 72 hours to fully expand. We were able to sleep on it comfortably 12 hours after unboxing it, but your experience may vary.

Our advice is to plan ahead and try to set it up as soon as you receive it. (The longer a mattress stays in a box, the more time it’ll take for it to completely decompress. ) Off-gassing was a mild issue we tackled by (reluctantly) cracking open a window despite heavy smoke from North American wildfires at the time.

(We also ran an air purifier. ) These tactics worked for us and the odor dissipated well before nighttime, but your experience may differ depending on the size of your room and how soon you unpack the mattress after getting it delivered. Score: 3.

5 out of 5 Our six-member panel gave their thoughts on the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid, but what do other people think? There’s a limited pool of reviews – not surprising since we’re reviewing it about three months after release. However, early feedback is positive. On Tuft & Needle’s website, it’s rated 4.

7 out of 5 stars from over 100 shoppers as of July 2023. Fans of the Mint Hybrid praise its comfort, cooling, and pressure relief. Several customers even claim that it’s helped reduce their joint and back pain.

Notably, Tuft & Needle customers spoke favorably about the Mint Hybrid’s motion isolation when sharing a bed with a restless partner, which is in contrast to our experience. That said, we could only go by the results of our drop test since we slept on a twin. Most of the reviews are five stars.

Those who rate the Mint Hybrid less than perfect say it’s firmer than advertised. (Remember that firmness is subjective. ) A few others deducted points for difficulties with setup, but otherwise found it comfortable.

Reviews from third-party sellers like Target and Home Depot are similar to those featured on Tuft & Needle’s website. Meanwhile, Amazon merged its customer feedback for the Mint Hybrid with the Mint foam mattress so it’s difficult to fully assess its reception among customers there. We think the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid is an excellent choice for side sleepers who crave oodles of pressure relief and want a decent mattress for back pain .

Back sleepers should fare well, too, but stomach sleepers will want something that’ll better support their pelvis and hips, like the extra firm (and super affordable) Siena memory foam mattress . Hot sleepers will benefit from the Mint Hybrid’s dual spring layers, infused foams, and breathable cover. That said, if you want your sleep surface to have an obvious cooling sensation, opt for the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress – it’s often on sale, has a GlacioTex cooling cover, and comes in three firmness levels so you can tailor it to your liking.

We’re hesitant to recommend the Mint Hybrid for couples due to its poor motion isolation during our drop tests, but customer reviews say otherwise so it’s up to you if you want to try it yourself before making a decision. (Tuft & Needle offers free returns within 100 nights. ) That said, we’d sooner suggest the Tuft & Needle Original memory foam mattress or DreamCloud hybrid if you don’t want to wake up to your partner’s movements.

Overall, the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress offers a great mix of support and comfort for side sleepers, especially those who sleep hot or have aches. A 100-night trial and full-refund policy lower the risk of buying sight unseen, but it’s an expensive bed that’s not as frequently discounted as some of its rivals. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you’ll have no issue finding something comparable for much less.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress The Aurora Luxe hybrid comes in three firmness levels (soft, medium, firm) and a plethora of sizes, including RV beds. Capped by a soothing (albeit slippery) GlacioTex cover and packed with cooling foam and zoned coils, hot sleepers and those with back pain should find immediate relief. Like the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid, the Aurora Luxe is a premium mattress at MSRP, but it’s regularly as much as 30% off and includes a slightly longer 120-night trial.

Read more: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress review Helix Midnight mattress Our favorite mattress for side sleepers, the medium feel of this hybrid boasts incredible pressure relief and a midsection that’ll contour your curves, which will help alleviate sore joints and back pain. Temperature regulation is aces as well, but you can upgrade to a cooling cover if overheating is a real issue for you. A queen Helix Midnight is regularly on sale for $1,099 and includes a pair of pillows, which is a better value than the Mint Hybrid if you’re hoping to score some extras with your purchase.

Read more: Helix Midnight mattress review Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is one of the best cooling mattresses you can buy. A combo of contouring foam and springs plus advanced cooling tech gives it a supportive, refreshing feel. This medium-firm (7/10) hybrid provides impeccable support for back sleepers and excellent pressure relief for those with joint or back pain.

The Wave Hybrid Snow is much more expensive than the Mint Hybrid with an MSRP of $3,395 for a queen, but it’s a smart investment if overheating frequently keeps you up at night. Read more: Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress review.

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