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How to make your Ivy League applications stand out? US education expert gives key pointers


Did you know that Ivy League institutes have acceptance rates between 3% and 11%? These numbers paint a picture of just how difficult it is to get admitted into one of these highly selective, prestigious schools in the US. With application submissions rising far faster than a class’s capacity, a student who is currently in the 7th grade is likely to be in a very competitive pool as he is witnessing his high school graduation. Through their unparalleled endowments, Ivy institutes attract not only the world’s brightest students but also its top intellectuals.

Students enjoy direct access to elite researchers, scholars, and practitioners, since these storied campuses boast the means to offer small seminars taught by Nobel Laureates – accessible, even, to freshmen. Thus, Ivy League (as well as similar elite American universities, such as Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Duke, Northwestern, and UChicago – often termed “Ivy Plus”) typically seek accomplished, involved, interesting individuals who will positively impact their campus community and perhaps the world at large. Jeff Bezos (Princeton), Barack Obama (Columbia), George W.

Bush (Yale), and Warren Buffet (Penn) are all examples of how exceptional education, along with an incomparable network of intellectuals, leaders, and innovators, can lead one to distinguished places. These schools are fostering the world’s changemakers. For those eyeing a similar trajectory, crafting a stellar, cohesive application is a necessity.

The following are some of the controllable factors of your application that Ivy League admissions offices could consider: Academics, standardised testing Admissions panels are seeking applicants committed to academic excellence. Without a doubt, having a top GPA and test scores can give credence to this idea and demonstrate that you can handle the demanding coursework at the world’s most rigorous universities. While the Ivy process is considered “holistic”, meaning there are no official cutoffs or quotas, candidates are generally expected to be scoring near the top of their classes and above perhaps 1500 (SAT) or 32 (ACT) .

Poshak Agarwal | Extracurricular activities “Holistic admissions” means that an applicant profile consisting only of a strong GPA and ACT/SAT scores won’t necessarily earn a spot at an Ivy; every year, countless applicants with perfect scores are denied. You’ll need to demonstrate that you’re not simply qualified, but also interesting, someone who pursues their interests deeply. Develop your passion projects, whether it’s animal welfare, human rights, girls’ education, summer programs, biomedical research, or slam poetry.

Work experience also counts. Those who engage in internships, volunteering, part-time jobs, and so on present enough maturity to assume adult responsibility. These individuals will no doubt fit in well on campus, where they can provide value to fellow students, faculty, and other community members.

Values As the preeminent institutions of our modern world, Ivy League universities seek youth who will contribute to the betterment of human society. They must be of exceptional moral character: leaders and do-gooders attuned to diversity. After all, this is America, a melting pot founded on both individualism and the social contract.

You can demonstrate these values through your essays as well as your recommendation letters and interviews. These schools must feel that you belong within their preppy, high-minded atmosphere. Intellectual curiosity Last, but the opposite of least, this category deserves its own discussion.

Your intellectual character encompasses all the factors above – from the rigour of your coursework and activities to the enthusiasm you bring to your writing and interactions. The Ivies, being private, research-intensive institutions, yet fundamentally liberal arts institutions, prioritise the so-called “life of the mind” . They value intellectually driven candidates, as those students are more likely to maximise the resources available at their university.

You can demonstrate your intellectual curiosity by taking the most challenging academic coursework offered by your current school, and perhaps by pursuing independent coursework from other sources, like MOOCs. Conducting research, establishing intellectual organisations, and attending summer programs are all means of both deepening and diversifying your interests. Those who read widely and can speak intelligently on a variety of advanced topics stand poised to make a real impression.

Be sure to demonstrate this quality throughout your essays. The author is the Co-Founder of Athena Education. (To receive our E-paper on WhatsApp daily, please click here.

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