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Huawei Cloud unveils advanced AI capabilities accelerating intelligence for all Industries at LEAP 2024


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, March 5, 2024: Huawei Cloud is participating in LEAP 2024, where it will showcase its advanced cloud capabilities and innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions tailored for the Saudi market. The company’s participation aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which emphasizes economic diversification and digital transformation. Accordingly, Huawei Cloud is committed to helping the Saudi government and industries achieve their digital transformation goals and upgrade intelligence through its class-leading cloud platform.

Huawei Cloud’s Riyadh Region, the central hub for Huawei Cloud services in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa, has been providing cutting-edge and reliable cloud services since its launch in September 2023. With three Availability Zones, it ensures low-latency, secure, and innovative services for customers, covering major network carriers and offering a comprehensive range of cloud services, including infrastructure, databases, containers, big data, and AI services. Obtaining the Class C license within three months of launch reflects Huawei Cloud’s commitment to enhancing connectivity, cloud computing, and AI services in Saudi Arabia, contributing to the country’s core competitiveness in the digital era.

During LEAP, Huawei Cloud will showcase its Cloud Riyadh Region, demonstrating its dedication to customer-centricity and advancing local innovation and development. The main highlight at the event will be the Huawei Cloud Pangu Large Model 3.0, a commercial Arabic large model with 100 billion parameters and industry-leading understanding and generation capabilities. The model adopts a layered and decoupled architecture, providing diverse deployment modes, and meets the different needs of enterprises for large models

Pangu AI-powered solutions include government and enterprise question-and-answer assistants and smart city solutions. The government and enterprise Q&A assistant provides multi-language Q&A services based on the Pangu Arabic large model and digital human technology. Meanwhile, the smart city solution completes multi-data analysis through multi-modal large models to assist intelligent operation centers in the fields of cities, electric power, energy, transportation and other fields. In addition, Huawei Cloud will showcase intelligent solutions for industries such as automotive, e-commerce retail, government affairs, electricity, finance, and media and entertainment

Alan Qi, President of Huawei Cloud Middle East and Central Asia, said: “We are thrilled to participate in LEAP 2024 and showcase our advanced cloud capabilities and innovative AI solutions. We believe that our solutions can help drive digital transformation across various industries and enable the creation of smarter, more sustainable cities. We invite partners and customers to the stand and explore how we can collaborate to build a fully connected intelligent world

At its stand, Huawei Cloud will demonstrate how its GeoGenius Digital Twin Solution can power the next evolution of the Smart City, the Cognitive City. The Digital Twin solution can help cities better provide public transport, electric power, emergency services, and more. Additionally, the company will showcase its Video Ingestion and Analysis Service (VIAS), which collects, distributes and analyzes camera video data and reports alarm events. Using Huawei Cloud’s leading AI and big data technologies, VIAS enables event detection, analysis, and decision-making for smart campus, city governance, smart water, and smart transportation.

Huawei Cloud is also excited to host the Huawei Cloud Automotive Forum on Day 4 of LEAP, which aims to provide opportunities for automotive companies to connect with local government and help expand their business to the Saudi market.

Dr. Zhu Shenggao, Vice President of AI, Huawei Cloud Middle East & Central Asia, will give a Keynote speech at the Deepfest stage titled “Reshaping Industries with AI”. Dr. Shenggao will illustrate how Huawei Cloud has made “AI for Industries” one of its core missions. He will explore how Huawei Cloud Pangu models can empower everyone from every industry with an intelligent assistant, making them more productive and efficient.

Alan Qi, President of Huawei Cloud Middle East and Central Asia, will appear on the main stage at a panel discussion on “Cloud innovation, AI and sustainability”. Huawei Cloud believes that technology should be used to create a better world for all, and the company is committed to using its expertise to drive sustainable innovation.

Huawei has deep roots in the Middle East and Central Asia for over 20 years, while over the last four years, Huawei Cloud has been dedicated to offering cutting-edge cloud services, localized services, and an open ecosystem. Last year, Huawei launched localized cloud services in Türkiye and Saudi Arabia. Enterprises can access Huawei Cloud services without building their own data centers to expand their global footprint. Huawei Cloud will also launch localized cloud services in Egypt and the Philippines. Further, Huawei Cloud will launch AI cloud services in Hong Kong to provide large-scale and efficient intelligent computing. With 85 availability zones in 30 regions worldwide, Huawei Cloud serves customers in over 170 countries and regions

Over the next five years, Huawei Cloud aims to empower 200,000 developers in Saudi Arabia through creating joint solutions with 1,000 local partners and supporting 2,000 startups. In collaboration with global and local partners, Huawei Cloud aims to facilitate digital and intelligent transformation for countries and organizations and promote a robust digital transformation ecosystem across the region

At the LEAP exhibition, Huawei Cloud will sign cooperation memoranda with multiple partners, indicating not only the alignment of cloud technology with the development goals of partners but also symbolizing the firm mutual recognition of common goals and the profound commitment to continuously pushing the boundaries of possibilities in the digital intelligence era. Huawei Cloud will work hand in hand with numerous partners to achieve more fruitful results through unremitting efforts, leaving a profound impact in various industries and jointly creating a new chapter in the digital era.

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