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Nothing showcases Apparel collection in collaboration with Emergency Room


Exclusive lineup showcased on runway during Dubai Fashion Week


Dubai, 08 February 2024 – London-based technology company Nothing, recently collaborated with Emergency Room to showcase their Nothing Apparel lineup with latest technology products on their runway during the second season of Dubai Fashion Week.

The collaboration with the Beirut-based fashion and design studio had Nothing’s latest apparel lineup, which includes hats and lab coats, being displayed as a part of their exclusive runway. The ramp walk’s models not only featured the apparel, but also showcased the latest in Nothing’s technology lineup. This included the flagship smartphone Nothing Phone (2) as well as the range of Nothing audio products.

During the show, the models will not only showcase the unique design of Nothing’s flagship Phone (2) but emphasize the Glyph Interface feature. A cornerstone of Nothing’s design ideology, the Glyph Interface is a set of LED segments on the back of the Nothing Phone (2), providing essential information without having to look at the screen, thereby reducing overall screen time. Apart from calls and notifications, the Glyph Interface also serves as a visual countdown and progress tracker along with a volume checker and timer.

The collaboration brings together the sustainability-focused initiatives of both brands. Nothing, a technology brand that focuses heavily on sustainable practices, has its products manufactured completely with environmentally friendly materials and process. On the other hand, Emergency Room is a brand known for its unique upcycling process, where old clothes are reused and reworked into new innovative fashion pieces.

A collaboration of this sort is a first for the brand in the Middle East, bringing together Emergency Room’s unique concept for design, which it holds in common with Nothing Tech.

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