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15 of Lil Nas X’s most daring outfits that show his unique style, from cowboy outfits to evening gowns


Liz Nas X captivated the red carpet in a neon-green suit with a cropped blazer that had ’80-style shoulder pads, which he told GQ was a Christopher John Rogers look inspired by the musician Prince . According to his Instagram post on November 25, 2019, he was styled by his fashion director Hodo Musa . The suit was paired with a matching green-and-black zebra-print shirt and gloves, as well neon-green boots. She added a chunky hoop and a drop earring to accessorize the look. Speaking to GQ about his style evolution, Lil Nas X said it was “one of my first outwards, colorful, flamboyant outfits.” Lil Nas X once again opted for a cowboy ensemble for the 2019 BET Awards, this time in black and yellow. The leather jacket had black-and-yellow sleeves, yellow fringe, and black stars leading to the collar. He wore matching yellow pants with cascading tassels, a black cowboy hat, and yellow snakeskin boots. He posted an Instagram photograph of the outfit in June 2019 alongside Rihanna with a caption that read: “Star struck.” Wearing a sky-blue leather waistcoat, pants, and sneakers with handpainted red and yellow flames, Lil Nas X once again coordinated his look from top to bottom. According to the Los Angeles Times, Musa said the custom designs were from Freak City L.A., and said of the brand: “They always provide fun patterns and fits.” Lil Nas X made fashion history for the designer Christian Cowan when he became the first man to be dressed in Cowan’s designs , according to one of the brand’s August 2019 Instagram posts. The singer wore a custom silver sequin suit with a cropped jacket and straight-cut pants. Beneath the jacket, he wore a cream-colored lace shirt with a raised collar and draping sleeves, also by Cowan. He completed the look with silver cowboy boots and a silver serpent earring. In head-to-toe hot pink, Lil Nas X made a statement at the 2020 Grammy Awards and nodded to the cowboy-themed music video for his 2019 song, “Old Town Road.” According to the Los Angeles Times, the cropped leather jacket and pants with gold studs and the matching cowboy hat were custom Versace designs. He heightened the look by adding a harness and mesh top, pointed pink cowboy boots, and a Versace scarf wrapped around his wrist. According to his stylist Musa, the “beautiful collaboration” came about because she was drawn to the Italian fashion house’s previous work with 1990s hip-hop artists. Speaking to GQ in the magazine’s style evolution video, Lil Nas X described the look as “probably the most gay cowboy look of all time.” Once again wearing a leather two-piece with a shirt underneath, Lil Nas X attended the 2020 Billboard Music Awards in a green-and-black snakeskin suit with coral-pink detailing around the sleeves and lapels of his blazer. According to Popsugar, the suit was a Gucci design . He paired it with a pale-green pussy-bow shirt, black boots, orange oversized sunglasses, and a number of rings. The look was yet another outfit that was reminiscent of Prince, especially as the singer wore a hairpiece that hung over his left eye. The monogrammed white satin suit, consisting of an oversized blazer and kick-flare pants, was a Balmain design , according to Vogue. Lil Nas X wore the blazer open with a dramatic plunge top that had cross-body straps, a dazzling silver chain necklace, and Rick Owens black platform boots, Vogue reported. He added a touch of silver to his nails, as well as a silver ring and earrings. The singer wore a monogrammed yellow Gucci suit with peach feathers on the blazer’s forearm to the annual event. He also wore a peach shirt with a silver chain necklace, a butterfly ring, and a matching earring, as well as two-tone brown Gucci loafers. While being honored as one of GQ’s Men of the Year 2021 cover stars , Lil Nas X attended the event in November wearing a black-and-silver glittery suit while shirtless. According to Popsugar, the singer wore five-inch platform boots by Rick Owens, as well as oversized black sunglasses, silver rings, and butterfly earrings. The look appeared to be a sleeker take on his usual playful style. Lil Nas X opted for another striking suit tailored to give an ’80s silhouette. The singer wore the iridescent-silver blazer and pants with no shirt, a tiny Telfar bag, and matching white platform boots. He matched the suit with a touch of white nail polish and silver eyeshadow as well as a pair of silver spike earrings. In his GQ style evolution video, Lil Nas X said the purple suit-dress hybrid with embellishments was a Versace design. “This was a fun one. It looks really hot, sexy, spicy. That’s Versace,” he said of the garment, which appeared to be a dress from some angles and a pantsuit on the other side. Wearing an ’80s-style wig complete with bangs and matching lilac boots, the star rocked a memorable red-carpet ensemble from head to toe. According to Vogue, the singer arrived on the red carpet in a dramatic Andrea Grossi gown with an off-the-shoulder blazer bodice, as styled by Musa. Vogue reported that the blue toile print on white material touched on themes of Catholicism that Lil Nas X addressed in his 2021 song, “Montero (Call Me by Your Name).” In his GQ video, he said: I went to the BET awards bathroom and changed in like two minutes and like had to do it really fast and then run back out before the show started and I had to go and get ready to perform.” Once again selecting a suit with gemstones and silver detailing, he said in his GQ video that it was a Richard Quinn design. “This came out really nice. It was probably the heaviest outfit I’ve ever worn,” he said. The white suit had a pink-and-red rose pattern with green leaves, short but wide lapels on the blazer, and fluted sleeves and pants. He also joked: “That was not comfortable but it was definitely worth it. Very much hard to walk in and I almost fell like a million times but at least I look good.” He opted for three outfits at the 2021 Met Gala, arriving on the red carpet in a dramatic gold cape enhanced by silver-and-gold beading, raised shoulders, and a high collar. The singer reflected on the Versace look, again styled by Musa, in his GQ style evolution video. “This was a moment,” he said of attending his first-ever Met Gala. “I feel like I really actually just went out there and smashed it, not to toot my own horn,” he said, adding that it was one of the greatest weekends of his life. Lil Nas X’s metallic-gold suit of armor was his second of three outfits at the 2021 Met Gala but this look had a more futuristic aesthetic. The musician told GQ: “Those golden abs, I look like a superhero.” According to the video, fans likened the look to the “Star Wars” character C-3PO. He also later changed into another embellished-gold catsuit to complete his outfit changes for the night. Lil Nas X told GQ the Met Gala was his favorite red carpet to date. He said: “I’m going to remember that Met Gala, that was super fun.”

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