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5 Ways to Attract Younger Generations to Your Business


Subscribe Subscribe If you’re a keen viewer of TikTok videos, like myself, you will notice a wide variety of short clips that compare older and younger generations at workplaces, ones that touch on the different standards each group considers to remain in a job. Also Read 7 Tips to Help you Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle at Work While many older executives tend to think of this phenomenon as a “lack of seriousness” on the part of Gen Zs and younger millennials who are used to different career realities, many attributes this to the remote start many Gen Zs had in their professional lives due to the pandemic, making them challenge current norms and struggle to live the more common pre-COVID19 work routine. This is why businesses have been reporting more difficulty hiring young workers for junior positions, and they have been looking for effective ways to tackle this unexpected hurdle. To be fair, some businesses today do hold responsibility for this latest trend, as organizations have been increasingly demanding more and offering less. If you look up a job listing anywhere in the world, you will see that one individual is usually expected to do the job previously carried out by two or three individuals. Moreover, wages offered for employees have been standing still at the same limits, despite growing inflation and the fact that world-class companies are generating an unprecedented level of high profit. In order for businesses to attract the right talents and keep them for as long as possible, they can consider the following ideas: 1. Build mentorship relations. Besides professional relationships among employees, ones typically designed to support the workflow, more companies are starting the bridge the age gap by having older workers mentor and offer routine support for newcomers, so they maintain a healthy and steady connection that reflects positively to work. Having a mentor at work can also help younger employees develop a deeper sense of belonging to the workplace, besides it serving as a helpful way to overcome obstacles and solve problems. 2. Offer flexibility Ever since the pandemic, employees who work in remote or hybrid settings have shown more loyalty to their workplaces, realizing that having a flexible work schedule reflects positively on their life quality, hence their productivity and success. 3. Design development opportunities Many individuals leave jobs when they start to feel that they reached dead-ends. When the space to grow and learn more become more and more limited. This is why offering workers frequent training chances that can help them acquire new knowledge and better skills make them grow more interested in not only working for a company but also staying there. 4. Clarify work tasks Individuals who work for organizations that lack clarity tend to feel the urge to leave. Not having clear missions, tools, or tasks, confuses workers and makes them frustrated with themselves and their professional environments. This is why providing clear instructions through routine channels of communication help employees appreciate their workplace more, which in turn makes them measure their performances and feel accomplished. Also Read 6 Tips to Help You Smartly Choose a Career 5. Provide job security No one can ignore the importance of job security as one of the main factors helping people take or keep a job because let us face it, most people work for the financial and mental stability they need for the sustainability of a decent life. Providing a sense of security for employees can play a crucial role in attracting and keeping employees at work. Can you think of other factors, companies should consider? Subscribe Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive updates and enhanced content Subscribe Now Subscribe Sign up to get Al Bawaba’s exclusive celeb scoops and entertainment news Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive updates and enhanced content Subscribe

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