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Above average temps until weak front arrives


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – While the humidity may not be quite as high as the past few days, temperatures climb quickly into the low 90s this afternoon. The heat index will still be in the mid-upper 90s.

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The rain chance goes up to 30% this evening as the storms push toward the Gulf of Mexico tonight. It stays warm tonight into the mid 70s. We’re right back in the low 90s tomorrow afternoon, which is above average for late May.

The rain chance is still 30%, but the storms will drift inland rather than toward the coast in the evening. That’s because of a stronger breeze off the Gulf of Mexico ahead of a weak front. That front arrives Friday with a 60% rain chance.

More communities will get rain Friday, but it won’t rain everywhere. The extra clouds and rain help hold highs in the upper 80s. A few lingering showers continue into Saturday, especially in the morning.

Highs remain in the upper 80s. It should be slightly drier for Sunday with just a 30% rain chance. Memorial Day will feel like summer with highs near 90 degrees and a 40% chance of afternoon storms.

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From: wfla

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