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Alabama gets some rain this week, but it does not look like a big soaker!


Early autumn heat backs down this week. Passing clouds and a few showers keep temperatures in check, but don’t expect a lot of rain. Check the video forecast for the latest.

It got hot Sunday: no two ways about it. The ‘normal’ high temperature is around 84 degrees on September 24 th , but we blew way past that on Sunday afternoon: The heat comes down a little on Monday; clouds and a few showers in the area make a difference. Expect highs in the middle 80s after a morning low temperature in the 60s.

What kind of rain are we expecting? It will not be very impressive. The odds of at least a tenth of an inch of rainfall are only around 30 percent: mainly over western Alabama at that. Most communities see zero rain Monday, and a lot of us stay bone dry for the foreseeable future even with a limited chance of some daily hit-or-miss showers this week.

We get a daily chance of some spotty, mainly light showers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These showers miss most of us, and they only drop a little rain where they occur. Why bring it up? ‘Rain’ like this is not worthy of a headline, but it is worth mentioning so that you are not surprised if a brief shower passes overhead this week.

Total rainfall in North and Central Alabama likely stays below a quarter inch, and many communities will simply stay dusty and dry. Rain may be limited, but the clouds and showers do help knock the heat down a little during the hottest part of the afternoon. High school and college football weather looks good this week.

The odds of rain look very, very low, and it will not be quite so hot for the upcoming weekend. Birmingham’s normal last day of 90-degree heat is around September 20th. While we do not expect a lot more 90s, another day or two would not be out of the question because it is so dry.

Dry weather leads to dry ground, and dry ground heats up quickly during the day and tends to cool efficiently at night. That’s what sets up the comfortable mornings: lows in the 60s through the end of the week. It also pushes temperatures above average in the afternoons.

So where is the cool weather now that we are in autumn? The weather pattern for the next seven days does not favor anything truly cool. As our daily chance of showers ends this week, an unseasonably strong ‘ridge’ (large area of drier than normal and warmer than normal weather) builds up. That keeps us warmer than average at least through the first part of next week.

Longer-range ideas keep us warmer than normal through at least the first full week of October. Keep in mind that the ‘average’ drops quickly from late September to mid-October, so being ‘above average’ means something different the farther into October we go: less hot weather and more pleasantly warm weather. The National Hurricane Center is tracking Tropical Storm Phillipe in the Atlantic.

It poses no threat to any land at all over the next few days. There are two areas of interest: a high chance of development in the far eastern Atlantic and a low chance in the Gulf. Neither of those looks to threaten the Alabama or Florida coastline in the next seven days.

Remaining storm names for 2023: Rina Sean Tammy Vince Whitney For the latest Birmingham weather information and central Alabama’s certified most accurate forecast, watch WVTM 13 News . Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . .

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