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“Colorful World Cup” WBA boxing match held a new conference, dozens of media gathered in Dubai to focus on the event


“Colorful World Cup” WBA boxing match held a new conference, dozens of media gathered in Dubai to focus on the event The “Color World Cup” WBA World Tour (Color World Cup-WBA World Tour) hosted by Colorstar Technology (Nasdaq: ADD) and WBA World Boxing Association (hereinafter referred to as: WBA) will be held in Dubai on August 26. begin. As the date approaches, the heat continues to rise, and the organizer also held a press conference in Dubai on 8/25, Chairman Of WBA Asia Mr Won Kim, Chaiman Of Ring Officials Of WBA Asia Mr Pinit, International Boxing Promoter Mr Liu Gang, color Star CEO Louis and boxer representatives attended the press conference, and Playstar Technology also invited dozens of media to present to promote the competition together.

On-site media questions about the cooperation between WBA and Color Star attracted everyone’s attention. As the world’s top boxing event organization, WBA’s cooperation with Color Star proves the company’s position in the sports industry and the company’s plan for the future development of sports. Color Star is another top international event after the NBA and La Liga.

The cooperation also indicates that the company will have more development ideas and plans in sports in the future, and it is also a great honor to be recognized by the WBA. At 19 o’clock local time in Dubai on August 26, the “Color World Cup” WBA World Tour (Color World Cup-WBA World Tour) will officially kick off. 12 contestants from 6 weight groups will compete for the gold belt.

This will be a very exciting match. In order to make all the audience who come to watch the match unforgettable, Colorful Star Technology also specially customized the golden boxing champion windbreaker at the scene issued. Louis, CEO of Playstar Technology, said, “The cooperation with WBA this time is another new door for us in the field of sports.

We are confident that we can make our game the top boxing event in the world. The competition was held more successfully. We have done a lot of work and preparations, not only in media publicity and ticket sales, but also actively expanded business cooperation.

Of course, we also carefully prepared exquisite gifts for some audiences who came to watch the competition. We believe that ticket sales And various commercial cooperation such as TV broadcasting, e-commerce, advertising revenue, player endorsement, and sponsorship cooperation will bring considerable income to the company. Next, we will have more international competitions without interruption.

It will bring you more exciting events. ” , Chairman Of WBA Asia Mr Won Kim said, “We are very happy to cooperate with Playstars this time. We have also witnessed the professional and rigorous attitude of Playstars towards event organization.

This Dubai station is just a starting point for our event. In the future, we will cooperate with Color Star to hold this event in more countries and regions around the world, and at the same time, more heavyweight boxers will join this event to compete for their gold belts. ” The press conference lasted 2 hours.

After the media questioning session, it entered the contestant weighing and interview session. .

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