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Drivers baffled by the little-known squiggly symbol on car dashboard


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We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. More info Group 28 Thank you for subscribing! We have more newsletters Show Me No thanks, close See our Privacy Notice When unfamiliar lights appear on our dashboard it rarely ever signals something good.

Whether it’s this which needs replacing or that which needs to be filled up, a flashing lights often means that you’re going to have to break out your wallet. And so it can be concerning when a light pops up and you don’t actually know what it means. As reported by Mirror Online , some motorists have recently admitted that they have no clue what the squiggly symbol on their dashboard means.

Read More Related Articles Seasoned pilot shares what happens in airplane cockpit when turbulence strikes Read More Related Articles Banish mould with kitchen staple as expert says it’s ‘great for cleaning purposes’ People have clearly been baffled by the symbol as they have taken to social media to ask people exactly what it means. Someone wrote: “What does the symbol that looks like a thermometer/tree in water mean in a car?”, followed by a confused emoji. Another joked they were going to “ignore” the symbol that was on their dashboard, as they didn’t want any more “unexpected bills this month.

” Someone responded to this tweet, commenting: “Squiggly line behind a car symbol is traction, no worries. Squiggly line under a thermometer symbol you need to check your coolant ASAP. ” The Sun reported that 80 percent of drivers had no idea what the purpose of the symbol was, according to a survey by ATS Euromaster .

Top Trending Stories Today Martin Lewis warning for pension holders Chef’s secret scrambled egg tip Drinks to never order on a plane Alcohol, cigarette, soft drink tax rises You need to know what it means though, as it warns you that the engine temperature is getting too high and that your car is running low on engine coolant. If you continue to drive after the warning pops up, your engine could overheat leading to a very costly repair. If you notice the light, pull over at the nearest safe spot then let the engine cool down.

Following that you should check the coolant level and see if you need to add more and if the light continues to show you may need to be towed to a garage. Don’t miss the latest news from around Scotland and beyond – Sign up to our daily newsletter here . READ NEXT: Cigarettes, alcohol and fizzy drinks price changes after Spring Budget Scrambled eggs ‘secret’ from Michelin Star chef branded ‘incredible’ Heating expert shares boiler check people should make in cold snap Story Saved You can find this story in My Bookmarks.

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