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Elegant and super-classy wearables


Adhering to the policy of selling unique products in the world of electronics and spreading awareness about recycling e-waste, the ‘World of Play’ was established recently to suit the changing times and also for people, who are hardcore music lovers. The firm is an Indian consumer technology brand working on a mission to equip youngsters with state-of-the-art, trendy and futuristic smart wearables that are laced with swanky designs and outstanding quality. The groundwork of the company was laid down when the founding-trio Vikas Jain, Sandeep Banga and Hamish Patel who realised the growth potential of innovative wearable technology given the exponentially increasing number of smartphone users and growing internet penetration. Today, the brand offers affordable, elegant and super-classy wearables that are more than random electronic devices. The company manufactures many electronic accessories that suit the rough and tough use of wearables which are completely easy to use and are very flexible. “Fitness is not a goal, it’s a way of life and world of play ‘wearables’ makes one’s life very easy and comfortable,” said Hamish Patel, Co-founder of World of Play. The PlayFit fitness bands and smart-watch are tastefully crafted to track ones fitness on the fly. With the always-on activity tracking and multisport tracking features, these devices help in achieving fitness goalsevery day. Under the hood, they run an intuitive UI (User Interface) and seamless integration with both Apple and Android devices, keeping one connected to his/her favourite phone apps. “The PlayFit App ties all the preferences to one’s fitness tracker, taking that particular pain out of your gains. PlayFit fitness trackers make fitness a little less freaky, a little more you and a whole lot of fun,” said Vikas Jain, another Co-founder of World of Play. With PlayGo wireless audio, the range of wireless earphones and headphones strike the right chord between audio quality and comfort. “Big and bold sound is delivered in a compact, classy package to the budding audiophile. Set up with the latest wireless technology, High Definition sound quality, voice assistant integration and lasting battery life, this audio range is heavy on tech and subtle on sound,” said Hamish Patel. Believing in the concept of e-waste recycling, World of Play has been practising many eco-friendly ways to cater to the environment and make it people-friendly, along with credibility and support. “Electronic waste or e-waste contains many valuable, recoverable materials such as aluminium, copper, gold, silver, plastics and ferrous metals. In order to conserve natural resources and the energy needed to produce new electronic equipment from virgin resources, electronic equipment can be refurbished, reused, and recycled instead of being land-filled,” said Hamish Patel. Considering that around 90 percent of electronic equipment is recyclable, electronics recycling can play a significant role in creating employment. For collection of e-waste, the company has setup a toll free number where any customer can call and register themselves for either depositing an old product as free of cost or otherwise under buy-back programme initiated by company. “Under the Buy-Back Scheme, where if the customer wants to discard their old product, people can call,company’s toll-free number and our representatives shall approach to the customer and buy the said discarded product from the customer,” said Vikas Jain. The customer shall also be free to deposit the discarded product at the nearest collection point and he will get the discount voucher and is also eligible for the discount on purchase of selected new product of the company. The company uses Google Analytics to understand how customers use the site and they also use Google ads to offer advertisements. “We also use other social networking sites like Facebook Pixel and Twitter Pixel to understand how our customers use the site and offer advertisements,” said Hamish Patel. The privacy policy of the company describes how one’s personal information is collected, used and shared when one visits or makes a purchase from the site ( To evolve into a successful company, the co-founders have been working very hard to establish themselves in the wide spectrum of electronics and also conserve the ecosystem through their eco-friendly scheme.

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