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Father’s Day gift guide 2023: From gadgets and good reads to the gift he’s always wanted


Where would we be without the dads, the step dads and the men who stepped up to the mark when things got tough? From teaching us how to change a tyre, ride a bike and give a hard and intimidating handshake, to perhaps the more meaningful moments – showing us unconditional love, holding our hands when life gets a bit tricky and being at the top of our dial list in emergencies (and not) – we don’t show enough appreciation to the dads who do it all. Show some love for the father figure in your life with some of our top Father’s Day picks. From fragrance-focused dads and dads who love a good gadget, to dads who enjoy the simpler things in life, like a good read or a basic tee – there’s a present for every pa this coming dad day.

If you’re lost on ideas or need a bit of gifting inspiration, we’ve got your back come September 3. Advertisement Advertise with NZME. Fashion-forward dads Rodd & Gunn Logo T-Shirt Rodd & Gunn Logo T-shirt.

Photo / Rodd & Gunn Never was a classic, everyday tee wasted at the bottom of the laundry pile. This Rodd & Gunn tee is perfect for layering, lounging and levelling up any man’s collection of wardrobe basics. $49 from Rodd & Gunn New Balance sneakers Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

New Balance 9060s. Photo / New Balance Didn’t you hear? Dad shoes are in. There’s no better way to celebrate the father figure in your life than with a pair of shoes in his name.

$240 from New Balance Deadly Ponies card file Deadly Ponies card file. Photo / Deadly Ponies A gift that Dad will use every day, this card holder is both sentimental and stylish. What’s more, he’ll think of you every time he pulls out his wallet, which can only mean a return investment in the future.

$169 from Deadly Ponies Dads who love a pamper Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Cobalt Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Cobalt. Photo / Carolina Herrera For dads who are tough on the surface but mushy marshmallows at their core, gift them an eau de parfum that is just as multi-faceted. This fresh, floral-yet-masculine scent is perfect for fragrance-focused dads who can be both.

$211 from Farmers Murdock Barbers of London beard moisturiser Murdock Barbers of London Beard Moisturiser. Photo / Mecca For the beard bros, hairy dads and devoted beard-braggers, show you appreciate the mo and then some with a gift that will have facial hair fanatics in a frenzy. Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

$57 from Mecca Bread hair oil Bread Hair-Oil Everyday Gloss. Photo / Sephora Nothing says slick dad like a slicked back do – courtesy of Bread’s everyday hair oil. Whether your pa is in need of extra shine or a bit of nourishment for his locks, this hair gloss is a game-changer.

$45 at Sephora Nécessaire body wash Necessaire The Body Wash. Photo / Mecca You can virtually hear the dad joke that this prezzie will prompt: “Are you saying I smell?” For the man of the shower, gift dad a luxurious body wash so he stops stealing yours – you’re welcome. Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

$45 from Mecca Gadget dads GoPro GoPro HERO11 Black. Photo / GoPro For the sport junkie dads, “watch this” dads and dads who are always up for a big adventure, there’s no better gift than a gadget that never misses a moment. $749.

00 from GoPro Apple AirTags Apple AirTag. Photo / Noel Leeming Ditsy dads and forgetful fathers will really appreciate a gift that keeps them in check. Airtags are a great way of keeping track of your belongings, especially if you have a habit of misplacing them.

Never again will dad be late to hang because he couldn’t find his keys. Advertisement Advertise with NZME. $59 from Noel Leeming Dyson Supersonic™ Origin hair dryer Dyson Supersonic™ Origin hair dryer.

Photo / Dyson Give the gift of a good hair flick this Father’s Day with Dyson’s latest hair-drying technology. The fastest hair-drying tool with the smallest motor, this hairdryer is perfect for dads on the go, dads on a time crunch and dads wanting to travel lightly. $699 from Dyson Homebody dads Noel Leeming Nutribullet Nutribullet 600 Watt 5 Piece Kit.

Photo / Noel Leeming There’s nothing like waking up to the grinding whirr of Dad’s new Nutribullet come Father’s Day morning – especially when there is a breakfast smoothie in tow. A gadget for the whole family to enjoy, let’s see just how many food groups dad thinks can be liquidised – and how many you can stomach. Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

Now $89 from Noel Leeming Gascraft Monza 4 Burner BBQ Gascraft Monza 4 Burner BBQ. Photo / The Warehouse For summer barbecue dads, shrimp on the barbie dads and dads who love a cook out with their pals, there’s no better gift to welcome in the warmer weather than one that comes with a sausage sizzle and a big smile on dad’s face. $259 from The Warehouse Torpedo 7 portable bluetooth speaker Torpedo7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Photo / Torpedo 7 For dads who can bust a move anywhere, anytime, give them the gift that can party just as hard. This groovy gadget has a 10m wireless work distance, two and a half hour battery charge and is waterproof – for beach dads, pool dads and all the dads in between. Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

$49. 99 from Torpedo 7 Pit Boss Vertical Pellet BBQ Smoker Pit Boss Vertical Pellet BBQ Smoker. Photo / Bunnings If you have fallen into the dad-sphere of TikTok, you’ll know that smokers are smokin’ hot right now.

The new must-have toy on the town, get dad a gift that will have all his mates jealous – and staggeringly hungry for some barbecue ribs. $799 from Bunnings To keep dads busy NZ Herald subscription The New Zealand Herald, Weekend Herald and Herald on Sunday. Photo / Jason Oxenham Keep Dad in the know this Father’s Day with a Herald subscription.

Whether it be the gift of premium news reporting or a paper at his door come Sunday, there are loads of special dad day deals to keep him up to date with the latest in news. Advertisement Advertise with NZME. $25 for three months from New Zealand Herald Dan Carter’s The Art of Winning from The Warehouse The Art of Winning by Dan Carter.

Photo / The Warehouse Whether the father figure in your life is a fan of the rugger, a Dan Carter stan or always on the lookout for the secret to success, Dan Carter’s 10 takes on leadership, purpose and potential will go down a treat come September 3. $36 from The Warehouse A Neon subscription Neon subscription. Photo / Neon Give Dad full control of the remote this Father’s Day with a subscription that will keep his eyes glued.

With a range of TV shows and movies to pick from, he’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to Friday flicks and cuddles on the couch. Advertisement Advertise with NZME. $17.

99 a month for standard plan Apple music subscription Upgrade dad’s music selection with a subscription that’s super hands-off. Easily connecting his Iphone Apple HomePod to a range of curated playlists, live radios and his favourite albums from the good old days, this gift will have him dancing for Joy (Division). $7.

49 a month from Apple Megan Watts is a Lifestyle and Entertainment digital producer for the New Zealand Herald whose passions include honest journalism, TikTok beauty hacks and random celebrity facts. Save share Share this article facebook copy link twitter linkedin reddit email.

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