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Hyundai and Kia sued for causing a ‘public nuisance’ and having easy to steal cars


Kia Corp and Hyundai motors are facing a lawsuit from New York City alleging that the companies have ‘created a public nuisance’ by releasing vehicles without an ‘electronic immobilizer’ feature, which prompted a wave of thefts across the country. It follows claims that a loose collective of car thieves calling themselves the ‘Kia Boys’ have been releasing instructions on how to break into these unprotected vehicles. New York has joined a growing list of cities suing the automakers, who are already facing 15 class action lawsuits from consumers affected by this security issue in 15 different states.

Seattle recently won their lawsuit, while others from Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and San Diego are still waiting for their day in court. School kids in New York city told to stay home another day over wildfire smog NYC has taken to giving out free Apple tracking tags to enable consumers to track their stolen vehicles in an epidemic of thefts ( Image: Getty Images) “In electing profits over safety and deviating from industry norms by not including engine immobilizers as a standard safety feature, Defendants created and maintained a public nuisance,” stated the filing made, which was made in the U. S.

District Court in the Southern District of New York. The city is accusing Kia and Hyundai of enabling the car thefts by refusing to recall the vehicles and install the necessary safety features. Instead, the automobile makers offered free steering wheel locks to the individuals who have already bought these cars.

The NYC mayor’s office has also engaged in a program giving out hundreds of free apple tags to vehicle owners so that they can track their stolen cars when a crime does occur. While this has been an ongoing problem in most Kia and Hyundai models released over the last 10 years (from 2011 to 2021), a recent crime wave encouraged though a few viral TikToks inspired city governments to take the two companies to court. Officials in New York say that there were 977 reported car thefts in just the first four months of 2023 – which is a staggering 660 percent increase from last year.

Eight-year-old boy left in tears as teens steal lemonade stand earnings The TikToks released by a variety of individuals calling themselves the ‘Kia Boys’ show others how to break into these specific models using a USB chord, with the group challenging others to do the same. Florida and Chicago have also reported large increases in thefts of Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Both Kia and Hyundai have responded that they are working with various agencies and creating solutions to the theft problem, while settling various lawsuits around the country.

“This case is a clear example of what happens to public safety when car manufacturers choose not to include standard anti-theft technology in their cars,” says the NYC’s court filing. “Making sure cars are not easy to steal protects both property and the public by keeping dangerous drivers in stolen vehicles off the roads,” it said. Read More I’m a neuroscientist — avoid these 3 habits to ‘keep your brain young’ Read More Police bodycam catches ‘UFO’ – then terrified residents claim to see aliens Read More Woman in stitches after ordering bouquet over the phone as owner mishears Read More Preacher leaves Evangelical church to create X-rated content on OnlyFans with his wife Read More Man banned from smoking medicinal marijuana in his own home, after neighbour sues.

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