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Hyundai Creta 2024 Facelift Turbo Review: A More Complete SUV


The Creta kickstarted the compact SUV segment in India and the previous generation was a huge success with being the best seller in its class. Hence, the pressure was on to get an updated version especially with increasing competition coming and needless to say, a lot is riding on the shoulders of the new Creta, So, how good is it? Looks The new Creta is not a generational change but has heavy facelift while it can nearly pass off as all new with nothing being kept in terms of the face. The earlier Creta had a controversial look but later it found huge acceptance but we think this new one has a wider appeal and has more presence.

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display(“div-gpt-ad-6601185-5”); }); The front now gets a bigger dark chrome parametric grille like on the younger brother, Venue with Quad beam LEDs and a light bar- its more SUVish and looks better than the global Creta facelift. Hyundai extensively engineered a facelift to our tastes and it has worked. The sides remain the same including the characteristic line which is a Creta design mark.

That said, there are new 17-inch alloys while the rear is all new as well with the same horizontal tail-lamps along with a light bar plus the bumper is also reworked as the front. Add in the superb Emerald shade which is deep green in the glinting sun and it is a much more desirable looking SUV than its more radical predecessor. Interiors Step inside and there is a new upholstery which makes the cabin airy, increasing the premium factor.

The D-cut steering remains but everything else is changed. The dashboard is all new and now the digital instrument cluster along with the touch screen are clubbed together. We also like the passenger air vent design plus the layout of the dash.

Quality has improved too but you still get hard plastics with not much of the soft touch materials. The new digital driver display is clean, configurable and easy to read while the same goes for the touchscreen which is still the most intuitive in its class. There is multi- language UI and more connected car tech including voice assisted features which works including operating the panoramic sunroof.

The lower part of the dashboard is also new and thankfully uses physical buttons. More features have now been added and it’s welcome with a nice, crisp display for a 360-degree camera, dual-zone climate control plus an electric parking brake along with cooled seats. The Bose 8-speaker audio system also sounds good.

More tech has been added with an in-built music app too. However, we would have liked dual powered seats and a heads-up display too. Space This is where the Creta scores and the new upholstery is nice along with softer seats compared to rivals.

It is more comfortable at the rear and you get cushions to sink your head into and sunblinds. The air purifier display is now changed into the display and you get vents, LED reading lamp and a 2-step recline function too. Getting in and out is also easy along with a large enough boot.

Safety Hyundai has stated that it has reinforced the structure for better crash worthiness and hence, it could get a potential 5-star in the B NCAP tests. Then there is the suite of ADAS features which are level 2 like on the Verna with a camera/radar which unlocks a lot of features. We tried a few and the adaptive stop/go cruise control works well and the systems are also intrusive.

There is also a blind view monitor, lane keep assist, high beam assist, forward collision and avoidance etc Driving experience The new Creta maintains its 1. 5l petrol and diesel line-up with the 1. 5l petrol being expected to be the best seller.

That said, we drove the top-end turbo petrol which is a new 1. 5l unit with 160PS and 253Nm. Rather surprisingly there is only one gearbox on offer with this turbo being a 7-speed DCT with paddle shifters.

Hyundai says that the DCT is preferred and we would agree, the gearbox is much smoother along with the same being for the powertrain. It is much more refined than the earlier 1. 4l turbo and smoother, which means it is relaxed for everyday use.

The light steering, good visibility is also a plus point for day-to-day driving. Rajasthan has great roads and that means we had some opportunity to see how good this new engine is. There isn’t much of the turbo rush, but it builds speed in a linear way and you fast pretty soon.

Switch over to the sport mode and it is fun to drive along with steering paddles too. This engine is also marginally more efficient than the earlier 1. 4l turbo too- if you drive sedately that is.

We found the suspension of the new Creta to be soft but it handles well while not being bouncy or not cornering well. You have good confidence and it feels tougher too in terms of taking over bad roads. It’s only the sharpest of road imperfections that filter through but it has the most optimum combo of ride and handling in its class.

Verdict Prices start from Rs 11 lakh but the one we tested comes to Rs 20 lakh ex-showroom. The new Creta remains the all-rounder and the most complete compact SUV that you can buy while now coming with better looks, more features and a smoother 1. 5l turbo.

However, as good as the turbo might be, we feel a manual gearbox equipped version would have brought the entry price down for this engine. That said, the new Creta is enough to keep it at the top of the charts and maintain its core strengths while widening its abilities. What we like – New looks, interior, features, comfort, performance What we do not like – No dual powered seats, no manual turbo option Car loan Information: Calculate Car Loan EMI.

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