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INNOPAW Hand Warmers 2023 Review


Dual 5000 mAh, magnetically attachable hand warmers. Enjoy up to 15 hours on low heat (104-113F), 11 hours on medium heat (114-122F), for up to 7 hours on high heat (122-131F). The device can be paired via strong magnetic backing or deployed to each hand.

Place one into each jacket pocket for long term warmth. Caution, they may be a bit hot to the touch for some users. The device did a good job at heating, felt comfortable to grip, charged my son’s iPhone 14, but did not live up to my expectation as it would not charge my iPhone 15 Pro Max via USB-A to USB-C.

Over the past weekend, my 12-year-old son and I had a Scout campout with indoor and outdoor activities. I had access to power at the main administration building and could charge the device during meals. To practice the “Leave no Trace” principles, I purchased a reusable hand warmer instead of the single use, disposable type.

I was excited by the prospect of a device with emergency backup power (if needed), that could also provide 10-12 hours of hand warmth. The INNOPAW OT-83 Hand Warmers promised to fit the need perfectly. The arrived in a 3 5/8 inches wide by 5 3/8 inches tall by 2 inches thick retail package.

Instead of a flat, white background, the company used a matte-black color scheme. The cover panel provided a generic “Hand Warmers” name along the top panel, the OT-83 product model, and the company name along the bottom. The main showcase was the ink outline drawing of the dual/split warmers on the cover.

As an interesting aside, I found it odd that the “od” of the word “Product” was listed in a different font than the rest of the word. Each of the side panels listed four product feature icons. The right panel listed the following: 2 IN 1 Magnetic Design, 5000 mAh*2, 3 Adjustable Temprature, Safety Protection).

The left side panel listed: Power Bank, Quick Charge, Reusable, Lasting Warmth). The rear panel provided a product warning, manufacturing contact information, product manufacturing labels, and the “Made in China” label. Even though many people may not care about the packaging, I appreciate the details and nuance of the presentation.

I lifted the lid and removed the plastic-wrapped paired warmers from a thin foam belt. I found a light grey, 3 1/2 inches wide by 5 inches tall drawstring bag, “Separable magnetic Hand Warmer” User Manual, and dual USB-A to USB-C cables hiding beneath the internal cardboard separator. Before perusing the manual, I plugged a Klein Tools Multimeter into a UGREEN GaN x200 six port USB HUB.

I then plugged the USB-A prong of the 11 3/4 inches long USB-A to USB-C cable into the multimeter and the USB-C prong into the port on each hand warmer. One of the warmers easily accommodated the USB-C cable, while the cutout on the other was slightly malaligned. After a bit of manipulation, I was able to insert the USB-C cable into the device to charge it.

Despite the limitation, I could plug the device into power and found the multimeter displayed 5. 05V/0. 72A.

Each device weighed 3. 8 ounces individually, 7. 8 ounces together, and 8.

1 ounces with the carry bag. The handwarmers measured just at 4 inches tall by 1 3/16 inches wide by 1 5/16 inches tall. The flat magnetic backing segment provided a nice finger grip, while the rounded main body section comfortably fit into the palm of my hand.

The flat magnetic attachment point listed the model number, battery capacity size, input/output data, and a few product manufacturing labels. Along the top of each warmer, you will find stacked USB-C input and USB-A output ports, a bank of three LEDs between the two, and an oval-shaped 3/8 inches by 1/8 inches power button oriented perpendicular to the USB ports. Although the instruction manual was helpful, I felt it lacked some essential information.

The third page provided a helpful charging table and LED legend. If the device had 1 flashing LED, you could expect 0-33% power. If the first LED was illuminated and the second LED flashed, you could expect 34-66% power.

If the first two LEDs were illuminated and the third LED flashed, then you could expect up to 99% power. Once all of the LEDs were illuminated, the device was fully charged. I believe there was a translation error in the manual regarding this table/legend.

Instead of using the words “off” or “extinguished,” the company used the word “destroy” to represent an unlit LED. The manual did not provide any timelines for charging or the expected heat production duration. Luckily, this information was found on the selling page (Low=104-113 degrees F, ~15 hours.

Medium= 113-122 degrees F, ~11 hours. High= 122-131 degrees F, ~7 hours). Additionally, the online information noted a 2-3 hour charge time.

You can activate the heating mode by press-holding the power button until the red LED turns on. You can rotate between the modes by short-pressing the power button again. I placed one of the devices onto medium mode at 9:15 AM while starting the other on high mode.

The heat started nearly instantly and ramped up over about five minutes. The warmer set on high lasted until 3:19 PM, while the one set to medium lasted until 7:05 PM. I plugged a Klein Tools multimeter into a USB-A port (5.

10V/0. 70A) of a UGREEN GaN x200 multi HUB USB charger at 3:30 PM and found that the device had charged to between 66-99% by 6:25 PM. The hand warmer was fully charged by 6:45 PM (5.

08V/0. 52A). I ran the device through 10-15 charge/discharge cycles and found the specifications were repeatable.

I tested the temperature output of each mode using a Nubee Infrared Thermometer. On low temperature mode, I found 109. 4, 110.

1, 102. 2, and 109. 2 Fahrenheit.

At medium temperature, I found 113. 1, 114. 4, 115.

8, and 114. 8 Fahrenheit. At high temperature, I found: 133.

3, 128. 2, 125. 4, and 131.

5 Fahrenheit. For the final test, I plugged a Klein Tools Multimeter into the USB-A output port and a USB-A to Lightning cable between the multimeter and my sons iPhone 14. Starting at 10:34 PM his phone increased from 84% to 86% by 10:39 PM (5.

05V/0. 97A), to 91% by 10:57 PM (5. 06V/0.

74A). The phone then entered optimized battery charging mode. I tried to use a USB-C to USB-C cable to charge my iPhone 15 Pro Max and it would not work.

I tried using a USB-A to USB-C cable and it did not provide enough power output to charge my iPhone 15 Pro Max. I was a bit disappointed with the power output and limitations regarding charging my USB-C phone. However, the heat output and ability to charge a lightning based iPhone was convenient.

If the black color seems a bit bland, you can consider one of the additional colors, blue, green, orange, pink, and silver. I loved that the devices could be magnetically paired and then placed into the included carry bag for storage. Additionally, the bag was sufficiently sized to allow me to carry the needed power cables.

Lastly, weight becomes a huge factor when camping/hiking/backpacking. The added 2-in-1 convenience for emergency power to a smartphone or smart device cannot go unmentioned. I just wish it worked via USB-C and or USB-A to USB-C.

Ideally, you could expect ~1. 5 charges for a smartphone with the device and still have some power left for warmth. Or, you can enjoy partial power to both.

Plus, the setup provides for dual power output. I could charge my sons iPhone 14 while still enjoying the heat. While the device worked well for heating, it did not provide power to my iPhone 15 Pro Max.


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