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MENA Gaming Industry gets a boost with USD 1.5 Million Angel Investment for GameCentric

GameCentric aims to triple its user base across the region, with the region projected to reach 88 million gamers by 2026


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 22 February, 2024: GameCentric the region’s newest gaming platform at the forefront of connecting brands with gamers has raised USD 1.5 Million (AED 6 Million) in capital from a Dubai-based Angel Investor, Bilal Merchant. The platform went live on December 1st 2023, right after the funding round

This strategic capital injection, positions GameCentric to enhance its platform features to extend its footprint beyond the GCC & MENA region, and redefine the gaming experience for players everywhere.

Strategic Vision and Meticulous Execution Lead to Angel Investment

The opportunity for angel investment arose from GameCentric’s clear and compelling vision, executed with precision. Founded by the savvy entrepreneur Saad Khan, a veteran in the gaming industry with a shared passion to transform the industry, GameCentric embarked on its journey in 2023.

Saad Khan, CEO of GameCentric, stated, “Crafting a robust vision for our platform, supported by a sound business model and a seasoned management team, resonated with the angel investor, like Bilal Merchant who recognized the immense potential within GameCentric, which drove his decision to invest. Our aspiration is not just to be a gaming platform but a cultural phenomenon transcending borders. Collaboration with industry leaders, community-driven programs and an unwavering commitment to have the best user experience drives all of our future initiatives.”

Evolution into a WEB3 platform 

In line with its vision, GameCentric is set to integrate cutting-edge technologies to remain competitive but also create new compelling propositions for brands, game publishers and gamers. In the coming years, GameCentric will transition to be a web3 digitally native platform & bring in digital assets play including cryptocurrencies by 2025. These milestones represent GameCentric’s commitment to forging a unique identity in the gaming industry, providing consumers with distinct and unparalleled experiences

A 3X growth trajectory

As part of its launch strategy and to deliver an exceptional gaming experience, GameCentric has partnered with POWReSports, renowned for its role in brand activations and influencer management campaigns in KSA to give a boost to its gamer acquisition strategy. This collaboration will help solidify the expansion of GameCentrics’ ecosystem offering across the regional gaming landscape

The business is currently gearing up for an aggressive growth and market expansion plan over the next two years. During this period, GameCentric aims to triple its user base across the region, with the MENA region projected to touch 88 Million gamers by 2026; and more than double its array of game titles, encompassing both web2 and web3 genres. This initiative not only offers an expanded gaming experience for users but also creates a diverse spectrum of opportunities for brands to pioneer innovative customer engagement tactics

This initiative is poised to strengthen GameCentric’s market position, solidifying the company as a dominant force in the ever-evolving landscapes of gaming and customer loyalty. Stakeholders can expect a compelling value proposition as GameCentric navigates through this thrilling phase of expansion, unlocking unparalleled opportunities for both gamers and collaborating brands.

Bilal Merchant, an experienced businessman/investor with a demonstrated history of working in the oil and energy industry, stated “GameCentric’s visionary strategy in seamlessly connecting brands with gamers, coupled with their unwavering commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies such as crypto and Web3, has left an indelible impression on me. Their innovative approach positions them as disruptors in the gaming landscape, poised to create a distinctive and rewarding experience for players worldwide.”

Supporting their big moves, GameCentric has garnered support from industry heavyweights such as LIV, UAE’s first & largest digital bank powered by Emirates NBD. As part of their new brand identity aimed at targeting Generation Now, LIV has recognized the platform’s potential to deliver on their banking & financial education objectives through the art of gaming. These endorsements underscore the credibility and innovation that GameCentric brings to the gaming community across the region.

The platform is gearing up for strategic enhancements in line with their vision to integrate modern technology. The enhancements will be overseen by expert crypto advisors, with a focus on innovation. The new features will include a dynamic loyalty program centered on a Web3 wallet and GameCentric tokens, aimed at delivering enhanced user value

GameCentric aims to be a platform where gamers can earn, learn, and engage as part of a diverse global community. As the platform evolves into a Web3 environment, users will have the opportunity to become token owners, marking a significant shift in the gaming experience.

Future plans and expansions

This strategic angel investment acts as a catalyst for GameCentric’s ambitious growth strategy, facilitating future fundraising rounds and establishing the platform as a dominant force in the global gaming scene

In the near future initiatives will include collaborations with renowned game publishers and the development of community-driven programs to strengthen engagement on the platform. In addition, GameCentric is also focussed on building a strong B2B2C brand engagement play thereby getting brands to create a differentiated customer offering & hence more opportunities for customer engagement that will foster long-term brand loyalty.

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