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Pure Air 3 Pro 2023 Electric Scooter Review: A commuting powerhouse


The Air Pro series is Pure’s best-selling electric scooter range, and for a good reason. It’s reliable, durable, and has plenty of useful features to help you reach your destination safely and effectively. It’s well worth considering if you prefer your e-scooter’s battery not to spontaneously burst into flames, which has been known to happen when people buy no-name models second-hand to save on upfront cost.

Apart from the reliability benefits that come from buying quality-checked Pure electric scooters, another reason to try the Air3 Pro 2023 Electric Scooter is its enjoyable ride mechanics. The combination of the large wheels, oversized handlebar stem and steel body provides a smooth travel experience that also feels safe, even when riding at high speeds. Throw in other safety features, such as the Pure Control steering and the indicator lights, and you have yourself a very decent electric scooter that’s worth the investment.

Better still, it won’t be that much of an investment at all, as the Pure Air³ Pro 2023 is amazing value-for-money and one of the best electric scooters at this price, especially if you can get hold of one for less. The Pure Air3 Pro is available to buy directly from Pure Electric for £549 in the UK (approx. $697.

17/AU$1,049. 32). Pure mainly distributes its scooters in Europe, but they have an Australian website through which you can locate stores in the country that sell Pure scooters.

Costing half as much as Pure’s top-of-the-range Pure Advance Flex 2023, the Air3 Pro represents excellent value for money. It’s not impossible to find good deals on the Pure Air3 Pro around Black Friday or Christmas – it’s discounted £100 at the time of writing. It’s not the cheapest e-scooter on the market, but you get a lot of excellent features for the price.

The first adjective that comes to mind when trying to describe the updated Pure’s Air3 Pro 2023 Electric Scooter is durable. The scooter has 10-inch puncture-resistant tubeless tyres, a robust steel frame, a sizeable deck and oversized handlebar stem, and a sturdy latch that securely holds said stem when the Air³ Pro 2023 is in use. Power is provided by the same 710W motor you find in the flagship Advance Flex model.

The parallels with the top-of-the-line Pure e-scooter don’t stop there, either. Just like Advance Flex, the Air3 Pro has an IP65 water resistance rating, so you can ride it in rainy conditions, a regenerative KERS e-brake system (tops up the battery when you brake), and a bright 150-lumen front light, handlebar indicators and rear brake light that lights up when you hit the brake. Of course, the Pure Air3 Pro doesn’t quite fold down as neatly as the Advance Flex – although it does fold – and the frame is made from steel, not aluminium alloy like the Flex.

That said, the Air3 Pro 2023 isn’t super heavy (16. 9kg/37lbs) yet allows riders up to 120kg (262lbs) to enjoy the electric scooter experience. The deck is pretty spacious, and I liked the textured surface.

It’s very easy to find a steady foothold when riding the Air³ Pro, which adds to the overall feeling of security you get from the machine. The rider display has been redesigned since the last generation of Pure Air2 Pro and offers a similar – or more like the exact same – user experience as the Pure Advance Flex. The information is easy to read, mainly thanks to the lack of data displayed on the screen.

You only get the basic stuff (speed, light/ride modes, etc. ), which makes sense, as it’s not recommended to stare at the display when using the scooter. At this price point, the Pure Air3 Pro scooter is as feature-rich as it gets.

You get the Pure Control steering, which helps the steering column realign itself after turning, the indicator lights, the water-resistant built, and the kinetic energy recovery system, or KERS braking system. This innovative braking mechanic helps replenish the battery every time you pull the brake lever on the handlebar, eking a little more distance out of the Air Pro. From a software standpoint, you’re a little less spoilt.

The Pure app provides some perks, including over-the-air updates and the ability to initiate cruise control, but not only is there not a smartphone mount on the Pro, but there also isn’t any ability to pop your phone on the e-scooter so that you can apply or toggle that cruise control on and off. A bit of a lack of forethought here. It’s worth having the app connected to your Pure e-scooter, though, as it allows you to lock it with a PIN as an immobilizer.

Of course, thieves can just pick up your immobilized e-scooter, so it’s worth locking the Air3 Pro with a bike lock should you decide to leave it on the street. The Pure Air3 Pro has a decent-sized battery that lets the motor do its job for more than long enough. Adding more batteries would run the risk of making the scooter too heavy – based on our experience, the weight-to-energy storage ratio is fine here.

The battery charges from zero to 100 percent in six hours, although sadly, it’s not possible to remove the battery and charge it separately, meaning you’ll need to carry the scooter inside the house, where it’s most likely to be charged (and stored). Once you step on the deck of the Air3 Pro and start riding it, you instantly realize why it’s the best-selling Pure electric scooter. Sure, the Pure Advance Flex is the future of micro-commuting, but in the present, the Air³ Pro 2023 provides the exact premium riding experience you’d expect from Pure.

The e-scooter feels sturdy, and the 710W motor moves it forward surprisingly effortlessly. The Air3 Pro 2023 hardly ever struggles with torque – only on the steepest inclines – and accelerates smoothly when you press the throttle. Deceleration is equally as steady; it’s a very smooth ride, and one where you feel in control of the movement, no matter the speed.

There are indicator lights at both ends of the wide handlebar, which you operate with the push buttons under your left thumb. The placement of these buttons is probably the only design flaw I can think of. Instead of being next to each other, one button is located under the other, which requires you to remember which is which.

It’s not as visceral as pressing the left button to indicate left, and during testing, I often found myself staring at the display, trying to figure out which light was on. The lack of suspension might feel strange to some, especially in the UK, where most rental scooters have front suspension. I appreciate you can’t use the Air³ Pro 2023 for commuting in the country, but it might be a hindrance somewhere with lots of cobbled streets, like Paris, although it’s not something I tested.

However, the large, tubeless wheels help reduce some of the shaking of the chassis. During my testing, I used the Air3 Pro 2023 on tarmac and felt perfectly comfortable. The Pure Control steering system works like a charm, just like on the Advance Flex, and re-adjusts the steering column when you turn.

It also works well when you’re moving dead ahead by micro-adjusting your steering to help you stay on course. You need a quality commuter Pure designs and manufactures some of the best electric scooters in the world, and the Air³ Pro 2023 is one of the most reliable models in their stable. Thanks to its folding design, robust build and safety features, you can always rely on this scooter to take you to your destination in one piece.

You ride in rainy conditions While some electric scooters might struggle with puddles, the Pure Air3 Pro thrives in rainy conditions. The chassis is IP65-rated, and the large wheels provide ample traction on slippery surfaces. You often drive off-road or on cobbled roads No suspension means a bumpier ride, which is evident when you try to ride the Pure Air3 Pro on cobbled roads.

It’s not super-shaky, thanks to those large wheels, but it’s certainly not the smoothest experience, either. Are shorter than average Most of the features of the Pure are somewhat bigger than other electric scooters, which might make it unsuitable for shorter riders. It’s not ridiculously big, but there are other scooters on the market better suited for them.

Our writer tried the Pure Air3 Pro by personally riding on it over multiple days, draining the battery down and comparing the specifications, performance, and features with other e-scooters they have tried. Read more about how we test.

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