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Tata Punch Vs Renault Kiger – Specs & Updated Price Comparison


GaadiWaadi – Check out our price and engine specifications comparison between the hot-selling Tata Punch and one of its closest rivals, Renault Kiger The compact SUV segment is quite popular in India currently, and Tata Punch is one of the best selling models in this space. Renault Kiger is also quite popular in our market, thanks to its handsome design and great value. Both these compact crossovers have seen multiple price hikes in recent times, but both remain great budget offerings. Here, we have a brief comparison between Tata Punch and Renault Kiger – their specs and latest prices – to see how they fare against each other. Tata Punch vs Renault Kiger – Engine and transmission Tata Punch has just one engine option on offer – a 1.2-litre, naturally aspirated, 3-cylinder mill. The vehicle gets an idle start-stop system as standard, which helps improve the fuel economy. Transmission options here consist of a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 5-speed AMT. As for Renault Kiger, it gets two engine options. The first one is a 1.0-litre, inline-3, naturally aspirated engine, which can be had with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed AMT. The second one is also a 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder motor, but turbocharged. It is available with a choice between a 5-speed manual gearbox and a CVT. Tata Punch vs Renault Kiger specs comparison Specifications Tata Punch Renault Kiger Engine size 1.2-litre 1.0-litre / 1.0-litre Engine type Naturally aspirated, inline-3, petrol Naturally aspirated, inline-3, petrol / Turbocharged, inline-3, petrol Max. power 86 PS 72 PS / 100 PS Max. torque 113 Nm 96 Nm / 160 Nm (turbo MT), 152 Nm (turbo CVT) Transmission 5-speed MT/5-speed AMT 5-speed MT / 5-speed MT, 5-speed CVT If you want power on a budget, then Kiger turbo would suit you well. Also, it gets a CVT option, which is much smoother in operation than AMTs. If you want smooth city drives with enough power for highway cruises, then this is the one to choose. Tata Punch vs Renault Kiger – Latest prices Tata Punch and Renault Kiger (naturally aspirated version) have similar prices, making them the closest rivals. The turbo-petrol version of the Renault crossover is more expensive, of course, with more power on offer as well. In terms of features and equipment, both cars are very similar, although Tata takes the lead by a small margin, offering an idle start-stop system, connected car tech, etc. In terms of cabin space, both are similar, but Kiger’s boot is bigger. Tata Punch vs Renault Kiger price comparison Tata Punch Renault Kiger (1.0L NA petrol variants) Renault Kiger (1.0L turbo-petrol variants) Rs. 5.83 lakh (Pure) Rs. 5.84 lakh (RXE) – Rs. 6.15 lakh (Pure Rythm) Rs. 6.73 lakh (RXL) – Rs. 6.65 lakh (Adventure)/Rs. 7.25 lakh (Adventure AMT) Rs. 7.27 lakh (RXT), Rs. 7.82 lakh (RXT AMT) – Rs. 7.0 lakh (Adventure Rythm)/Rs. 7.60 lakh (Adventure Rythm AMT) Rs. 7.62 lakh (RXT Opt), Rs. 8.17 lakh (RXT Opt AMT) Rs. 7.72 lakh (RXT Opt), Rs. 9.62 lakh (RXT Opt CVT) Rs. 7.50 lakh (Accomplished)/Rs. 8.10 lakh (Accomplished AMT) Rs. 7.82 lakh (RXT Opt Dual-tone), Rs. 8.40 lakh (RXT Opt AMT Dual-tone) Rs. 8.95 lakh (RXT Opt Dual-tone), Rs. 9.85 lakh (RXT Opt CVT Dual-tone) Rs. 7.88 lakh (Accomplished Dazzle)/Rs. 8.48 lakh (Accomplished Dazzle AMT) Rs. 8.17 lakh (RXZ), Rs. 8.72 lakh (RXZ AMT) Rs. 9.27 lakh (RXZ), Rs. 10.17 lakh (RXZ CVT) Rs. 8.32 lakh (Creative)/Rs. 8.92 lakh (Creative AMT) Rs. 8.40 lakh (RXZ Dual-tone), Rs. 8.95 lakh (RXZ AMT Dual-tone) Rs. 9.50 lakh (RXZ Dual-tone), Rs. 10.40 lakh (RXZ CVT Dual-tone) Rs. 8.62 lakh (Creative iRA)/Rs. 9.22 lakh (Creative iRA AMT) – – Rs. 8.59 lakh (Kaziranga Creative)/Rs. 9.19 lakh (Kaziranga Creative AMT) – – Rs. 8.89 lakh (Kaziranga Creative iRA)/Rs. 9.49 lakh (Kaziranga Creative iRA AMT) – – In terms of safety, Tata Punch has the upper hand, with a 5-star adult safety rating, although Kiger isn’t too far behind, with a 4-star adult safety rating (as per Global NCAP crash tests). These two cars are very closely matched, and we would suggest you take a test drive of both to make a proper decision. The post Tata Punch Vs Renault Kiger – Specs & Updated Price Comparison appeared first on – Latest Car & Bike News by Kshitij Rawat.

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