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Volvo C40 Recharge Electric SUV Enters India With Sportier Looks And More Range — Detailed Review


Electric SUVs are coming in fast but more so in the luxury end. Volvo was one of the first ones to enter the more affordable end of this space with the XC40 Recharge which they assembled in India to lower costs. That has worked as the Swedish luxury brand now has a sizable share in the EV luxury space.

Now, it wants to further expand its line-up with the sportier C40 Recharge (also assembled here). It is a coupe SUV version of the XC40 Recharge but with more range and a different battery while it does not come in petrol form, unlike the XC40. This means you can only buy the C40 Recharge in electric.

In terms of design, it is attractive though largely due to the side and the rear styling which is different thanks to a sloping coupe-like roofline. Twin spoilers and slimmer tail-lights plus the different bumper design look more aggressive than the traditional SUV shape of the XC40 Recharge. The front end is largely similar to the XC40 Recharge though and that is not a bad thing with a blanked-off grille but the C40 gets pixel headlamps and special range enhancing tyres too.

Inside, it is similar to the XC40 but the pattern on the dash lights up as a Swedish map at night while the Google-based Android infotainment system is practical to use too. The screen size is a bit small and all controls are tucked in there including climate control but you do get the hang of it. There is an all-black look and there is no leather used with sustainable materials while overall quality is excellent with a sense of toughness to the build of the cabin.

Close the door and you feel the heft. googletag. cmd.

push(function() { googletag. display(“div-gpt-ad-6601185-5”); }); The feature list is long with direct Google Maps which is convenient plus dual-zone climate control, a fixed panoramic glass roof which does remove sunlight in terms of entering the cabin, 360-degree camera, power adjust seats, air purifier, and a fantastic 13-speaker Harman Kardon audio system. The front seats are hugely comfortable while the rear seats are a tad firm and the coupe roofline does eat into the headroom while there is a centre tunnel as well.

This is an SUV that you drive yourself and look at the performance you will. The C40 Recharge gets a twin electric motor layout with a 78kWh battery capacity and total power is 408hp/660Nm. There is no start/stop button as you just get in and put it into drive.

The C40 Recharge feels perfect for cramped cities with its relatively smaller dimensions and easy-to-drive nature. However, once you get onto the highway, it is very tough to avoid going fast as the C40 Recharge just flies. 0-100 KM/h is under 5 seconds and you have a hard throwback into your seat as you push the accelerator.

Acceleration is sharp and instant along with being a thrill for sure. For overtakes or highway driving, it is very easy and with Level 3 ADAS, it is also relaxing to drive. The stability at high speeds is also excellent and it handles quite well too despite being a heavy car while having a sportier set-up when compared to the XC40 Recharge.

Onto the monsoon-infested roads and exploring some varied terrains of Lonawala, the C40 Recharge has ample ground clearance but the ride is a bit firm. That said, you won’t have issues taking this on road trips as the ground clearance is very good. The range has been improved from the XC40 Recharge with a 683km range (iCAT) and 530km (WLTP).

You can expect a healthy 450 km range and it depends on the way you drive although there is also one-pedal driving along with a range-enhancing assistant that tapers down various car functions to boost range. Volvo will offer an 11kw charger as standard with fast charging plus the recycled materials are also a novel idea. The key highlights though are the sportier looks, more range, and the sheer performance on offer.

No other EV offers this much in the luxury space at this price bracket. Car loan Information: Calculate Car Loan EMI.

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