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We must fight dynasty politics to save democracy: Modi


Virtually addressing a meeting of BJPs national office-bearers here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday accused the Congress , without naming the party, of giving prominence to dynasty politics, which he termed as dangerous for democracy. He said that the parties indulging in dynasty politics only want to take the country backward, as their life begins with the family and ends with the family. During his over 40-minute speech, the Prime Minister urged the BJP leaders to add new members to the party whose family has not been in politics. “We have to give such people a chance in the BJP, so connect them with the party. We have to remember that only the BJP can restore the trust of those who have been deceived by family politics. Dynasty politics has given rise to corruption in the country. To save democracy, we have to fight against dynasty politics,” Modi said. He added that those engaged in dynasty politics are acting against Mahatma Gandhi’s vision. “But even amid dynasty politics, the lotus has bloomed. After Independence, family politics has caused great damage to the country. Parties only took the name of Mahatma Gandhi, but their works were contrary to his vision. “Gandhiji had called for self-reliance, but for years the country remained dependent on foreign countries. But today the country is moving on the path of self-reliance, and the BJP is responsible for this.” The Prime Minister further said that politics of development should be encouraged. “We can proudly say that it is the BJP which has brought politics of development into the mainstream. Every party talks about development ahead of elections. However, some people only try to cash in on a few weaknesses of the society such as casteism, regionalism and other issues by creating tension in the society. “The world looks at India with great expectations today. Similarly, the people of the country look at the BJP with great hope and confidence. The aspirations of the people increase our responsibility. The country is setting the target for the next 25 years, and the BJP should also set targets for the coming years. The expectations of the people must be fulfilled. The challenges have to be met together with the people,” the Prime Minister said. Targeting the Congress, Modi said that the previous government didn’t have any accountability left and the people also did not expect anything from them. After 2014, the BJP has brought the country out of despair, he said. “The citizens of the country want to see results, which I consider as a huge positive. When the expectations of the people increase, it is necessary for the government to act. As BJP workers, we have no right to sit in peace. Even after hoisting the victory flag, we are restless, impatient and eager, because our goal is to take India to the heights envisaged by those who sacrificed their lives for the country’s Independence,” Modi said. The Prime Minister told the BJP workers that many attempts will be made to divert them from the politics of development. “There are many parties which are trying to divert the attention of the country. When you do good work, you will not get any publicity, but you do not have to worry about it,” Modi said. A total of 136 top BJP leaders from across the country are participating in the meeting for which party President J.P. Nadda had reached here on Thursday itself. The meeting is being attended by the top office-bearers of the party, including ministers, former chief ministers and state unit heads, among others. (IANS) Also Read: Weather Updates: Know The Meaning of Red, Orange, Yellow, And Green Alerts Also Watch:

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