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5 underrated perks that you get with the Apple One subscription


Though many of us may certainly be familiar with Apple’s burgeoning line of digital services (Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple Fitness+), there are still many who haven’t yet heard of the subscription bundle that combines all these services together for a pretty attractive monthly price – Apple One . Considering how most of us now religiously pay a monthly subscription fee for services like Netflix or Spotify, it shouldn’t shock anyone that Apple also wants a share of the market. So it isn’t really that difficult to understand how all of these services are now positioned to attempt to grab some of that attention away from competing services. For instance, Apple Music would be a likely alternative to Spotify should you ever feel like a change of pace, Apple TV+ has plenty of great series and movies that can’t be found on other streaming platforms, while Apple Arcade is a pretty damn good deal if you frequently game on your smartphone. If you so wanted, Apple really has a pretty substantial offering when it comes to lifestyle services, and you could very well find yourself completely migrating to all of them and enjoying all of the integrated upsides (assuming that you own multiple Apple gadgets and accessories). But beyond being mere alternatives for already existing popular services, there are plenty of underrated perks of being an Apple user subscribed to Apple One. Here are five of them. Apple has been pretty serious about audio over the past decade, and one shining example of this is in their spatial audio feature that can be found on some content on Apple Music and Apple TV. This feature essentially gives you – if you use any one of the AirPods Pro, AirPods (third generation), AirPods Max, or Beats Fit Pro – the option to listen to some music tracks or films in surround sound and 3D audio with the help of Dolby Atmos. When turned on, the experience transforms the listening experience into something that really immerses you in the content. And although novel (and a little gimmicky), the sensation of being able to listen to music or watch some of your favorite movies with digitally-fabricated surround sound is pretty spectacular, with the display or streaming device (whether it be your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV box) becoming the focal point of your listening experience. You may or may not see the long-term value of such a feature, but you’ll admit that Apple have executed it to near-perfection. The Apple One service also comes with Apple Arcade, which is essentially a pass that lets you access over 180 mobile games and counting – some of them exclusive to the service. Although the thought of having access to a vast library of mobile games may seem a little “meh” at first, you’ll soon realize that a large number of these games are actually pretty damn good, with impressive graphics and solid gameplay mechanics abundant all round. Whether it be games like NBA 2K22: Arcade Edition , Gear.Club Stradale , or Gibbon: Beyond The Trees , there’s pretty much a title for every single user and taste. In most instances, Apple Arcade will actually prove to be more than enough to satisfy your gaming needs, and effectively ensure that you won’t ever need to purchase another mobile game on the App Store again, simply due to the sheer number of titles available to you. Film and TV aficionados will know exactly how good Apple’s growing content of films and TV shows are, and Apple knows that good things shouldn’t be enjoyed alone. This is where the SharePlay feature comes in – a FaceTime feature that allows multiple subscribers of Apple Music and Apple TV+ to consume music, TV shows, or films from Apple Music or Apple TV together while on FaceTime. The feature allows up to 32 users to consume media simultaneously (providing that all of them have access to the same content, of course), and is a great way to get that sense of audience hype even when connecting virtually. Aside from Apple Music and Apple TV+ content, Apple has also rolled out SharePlay to third party content providers such as Disney+ and ESPN, which all in all makes the Apple ecosystem even more robust for media experiences overall. Within the highest tier (Premium) of the Apple One plan, Apple has also provided users access to Apple Fitness+, which is the guided fitness app made especially for users with an Apple Watch. While the barrier to entry may seem a little high (you must have an Apple Watch and pay for the highest Apple One tier, or subscribe to it separately), Apple Fitness+ is an absolute smash hit of a service if you’re looking for an app-based exercise regimen. In Apple Fitness+, you’ll gain access to more guided workouts than you can count, across 11 workout types that will suit you – whether you’re only just starting out on a new fitness regimen or at absolute peak fitness. You’ll also appreciate that Apple has called in a number of celebrities and well-known fitness trainers to collaborate with them on all manner of exercise routines ranging from guided walks and runs to more intensive HIIT sessions, bodyweight training, and yoga sessions. Suffice it to say, if you’re an Apple Watch user, getting on board the Apple Fitness+ train is a real no-brainer, especially since you’ve committed a sizeable amount for the device. This might be the least-mentioned upside of an Apple One subscription, but you’ll absolutely appreciate having the extra iCloud storage that comes with it (how much you get depends on what plan you opt for). For those who’ve opted for iPhones with smaller internal storage sizes, having the bonus iCloud storage can be a lifesaver especially if you take plenty of photos and videos, or simply find yourself always running low on space on your device. Also, we shouldn’t forget that with camera technology on Apple smartphones now allowing for insanely detailed and refined photography and videography, file sizes can also become overwhelmingly huge storage hogs. While it’s true that Apple currently has their work cut out for them when it comes to the task of stealing market share from the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Runtastic, etc, the Apple One service is a very clever move to allow current Apple device users to experience their slate of services at a very attractive price point. As most smartphone users are already on some sort of subscription, or at least frequently consume media content, this plan makes very good sense – especially if they continue to add to their current offerings across all of their services. The quality is obviously there – Apple Music claims to have the largest song catalog among all of its competitors, Apple tv+ has numerous award-winning originals, and Apple Fitness+ is a very polished fitness app – so it does seem like a solid investment all things considered. 1. Malaysia (starting from RM19.90 per month). 2. Singapore (starting from S$16.95 per month). 3. Indonesia (starting from IDR115,00 per month). 4. Philippines (starting from PHP375 per month). 5. Thailand (starting from THB225 per month). 6. Vietnam (starting from VND175,000 per month). Apple is testing Tap to Pay at Apple Park, and it works beautifully Apple’s iPhone might finally ditch Lightning for USB-C in 2023 When will your iPad become obsolete? The iPhone might go fully notchless in two years Cover image sourced from Apple and FirstPost .

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