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Big Eyes Coin Activates 68% Discount, Joins Best P2E Projects, Sandbox and Enjin Coin


The carpets are rolled out, the curtains are drawn, and the stage is set for the grand entrance of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) , scheduled for launch on June 15, 2023. Just like a meticulously planned event, there are pre-program preparations to perfect every detail and ensure everything is in place. Amidst the dedicated work, there have been enjoyable pizza parties, adding a touch of fun to the process.

In the world of Big Eyes, the June 3 presale wrap-up, acts as a rehearsal, while the slashed price tag of BIG is an enticing treat, much like a delicious pizza eagerly devoured. Quickly read through everything below to join in on the fun on time. Big Eyes Coin Presale — The Final Countdown Begins! Kitty Cuddlers who’ve been rocking on the Big Eyes dance floor know that they initially planned on launching once BIG hit its $50 million hard cap.

But the crowd went wild, chanting for more, which the BIG team happily complied with! With this, Big Eyes Coin announced their presale day wrap-up on June 3 — 10 days from now. From there, its Kitty Cuddlers would have to wait another 12 days until its grandest launch date, scheduled for June 15, 2023. BIG Blast From the Past BIG is always proud of its ingenious moves, from raising $1 million in its first presale week to releasing its NFT collection on OpenSea .

And now, BIG’s final presale hoedown is hard to ignore: a trip back to Stage 3’s affordable price tag! This limited-time offer means that instead of paying the current price, folks can snag them at a highly affordable and profitable price of $0. 00017 (or 5833 BIG)! This is a whopping 67% off its supposed price of $0. 000525.

This genius move got folks scrambling to own their very own BIG tokens, pumping an extra $2 million into the pot. This brought the 14th stage to life with $42 million in funds. BIG Journey: En Route to GameFi Land On August 29, Big Eyes Coin is dropping over 4,000 games in its very own Online Casino and Player-to-Earn (P2E) Games! BIG’s archive of gameplay adventures offers an exclusive gaming experience for BIG token holders.

This also means that in-game champions get to bag home BIG rewards exclusively. This GameFi escapade brings in more unique BIG holders, which means higher trading volume, a bigger market cap, wider adoption, and solid utility. GameFi Playgrounds: Sandbox and Enjin Coin With BIG’s daring leap into the GameFi realm, experts predict that this cat-inspired token will soar to the moon, joining the ranks of established players in the ecosystem, such as Sandbox and Enjin Coin.

Sandbox: The Thriving Web3 Playground Sandbox (SAND) is an Ethereum-based revolutionary blockchain game platform that sparks the imagination and empowers creators to build immersive virtual worlds. It has transformed from a beloved mobile game into a limitless realm of possibilities. SAND circles three pillars that rock the gaming experience.

VOX Edit offers a vast library of user-generated treasures, while its marketplace lets players buy and sell in-game marvels. Finally, the Game Maker tool empowers landowners to transform their domains into virtual destinations. Brief Stroll Around Crypto Gaming: Enjin Coin Much like Sandbox, Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a well-established Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with a highly-exciting gaming ecosystem in its arsenal.

ENJ operates on the blockchain and powers the innovative Enjin platform. Enjing touts its focus on mass adoption, gaining attention via social media and driving them onto its stimulating gaming landscape. Experts believe that the ENJ could display price tags between $0.

73 and $0. 89 in 2025. The Final Word Sandbox and Enjin may own the GameFi spotlight, but Big Eyes Coin has its own tricks that make it hard to resist.

If you’ve been a loyal Kitty Cuddler, you know that Big Eyes Coin won’t disappoint with exciting surprises. Are you content being a mere spectator, or will you grab front-row tickets to join the fun? Choose well! Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Presale: https://buy. bigeyes.

space/ Website: https://bigeyes. space/ Telegram: https://t. me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL Instagram: https://www.

instagram. com/BigEyesCoin/ Twitter: https://twitter. com/BigEyesCoin Disclaimer: This is a paid release.

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