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Honest Beauty founder Jessica Alba wants you to show your flex with the brand’s latest innovation


The Honest Company and Honest Beauty Founder Jessica Alba just introduced the brand’s latest beauty innovation, and she wants to know, “What’s your flex? flex /fleks/ verb 2. put a (skill, talent, or ability) to use. Using skincare ingredients and Honest Beauty’s Clean Power Technology, consumers can benefit from the new 16-shades Fresh Flex Concealer. A lasting wear multitasking concealer seamlessly blends to a smooth, second-skin finish that allows you to create medium buildable coverage of how you want it and where you want it. Honest Beauty Honest Beauty Founder Jessica Alba testing the Fresh Flex Concealer The unique formula works for all skin types, and it is made with two types of Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Niacinamide, and Vitamin E. “I love how this makes my skin look naturally flawless. No foundation needed,” Alba said. The actress and businesswoman spoke with HOLA! USA about the brand and her creative process when it comes to launching clean products to the market. RELATED:Glazed Donut Skin: What it is and how to achieve itKylie Jenner announces latest product launch with photoshoot in dainty crochet bodysuitSmelling like RiRi: When, where to buy Rihanna’s most viral product Fenty Eau de Parfum “I think we just tried to, first and foremost, just think about what message are we trying to get out there about the product, and what makes it special,” she told us during a beauty editors event in New York City. “I’m always [thinking] how can we connect to people and women especially just trying to make it about more than covering up or beauty and like, what’s underneath it? And with the Fresh Flex campaign, it’s about what makes you feel fresh or what’s your flex?” The Mexican descent star also said she included people close to her heart for the campaign, including her daughter and niece. “So I got some of my girlfriend’s and my sister in law, my guy friend, my daughter, my niece, and I just it’s like a nice mix of people who have just like different backgrounds, like a rocket scientist, who’s a surfer. And then there’s like, the founder of ClassPass, my friend Pyle and my sister-in-law is an artist and mother of two,” she explained, highlighting their talents. “One of our models is great at nunchucks; another is a boxer.” Honest Beauty Alba said that she believes that people with multiple interests and abilities are unique. “I think that being able to wear many hats and not have to fit a little box makes us cool. I think we should celebrate more of that.” Alba’s Honest Beauty is known for prioritizing clean, sustainable, well-designed products that work. Jessica believes that “health and wellness are a universal foundation for a life well-lived”; therefore, she took personally the responsibility to “leave the world better than when we found it.” She and her team offer products with not only high performance but also formulas that cater to the consumers while leaving a positive mark o the planet; therefore, the company made the Fresh Flex Concealer without Cyclomethicone, Fragrance, PEGs, Acrylates, Synthetic Film Formers, Isododecane, Alumina, or PMMA. Honest Beauty “We went through over 100 iterations of the formula,” Alba revealed to HOLA! USA. “And then even as we go into the deeper shades, we had to formulate different formula mixes for every shade because the same base formula wouldn’t work in all of the variations.” Honest Beauty According to Jessica, the beauty lab began asking themselves how they can “really show up for people [so they can] have a nice shade range” while “still maintain the integrity of a long wear, flexible” product. Jessica said the beauty of the Fresh Flex is the possibilities that come with it. “If you want it to be just a concealer or if you want it to be more of a full face, you can do that, you can do full coverage, you can do light, it’s very buildable,” she explained us. “I feel like that’s just a more modern way to approach makeup. And it also has skincare benefits. So it’s really healthy for the skin as well.” Besides the adaptable formula, the product also offers recyclability. The concealer’s vial is made from 100% glass, while the cap is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The carton is made from recyclable tree-free paper made with upcycled sugarcane.

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