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Spinneys announces five UAE business incubator winners, in program’s fourth edition


Spinneys reaffirms its commitment to nurturing UAE-based entrepreneurs, investing in the success of home-grown ventures Previous Incubator winners have expanded to international retail and hospitality markets including the UK and Saudi Arabia, having benefitted from a presence in 69 Spinneys and Waitrose stores in the UAE. Dubai, UAE – Spinneys, one of the UAE’s leading fresh food retailers, has announced the winners of the fourth edition of the Spinneys Local Business Incubator. The Incubator program was launched in 2020 and directly supports the UAE’s vision of becoming an attractive incubator for entrepreneurs as part of its “We the UAE 2031” strategy.

The Spinneys Local Business Incubator has played a vital role in fostering entrepreneurial success in the UAE. In its previous three editions, 30 brands have successfully launched in Spinneys stores. A number of these have since expanded to international markets, bolstering the credentials of the UAE’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Following participation in the program, Naksha Collections launched gourmet meal kits in top-tier UK retailers including Selfridges, Harrods and Whole Foods Market, while BRW Society, a local tea brand, successfully entered the Saudi market, securing space in Panda and Carrefour outlets and forming key partnerships with renowned regional hotel chains. Sunil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer at Spinneys, commented: “Spinneys continues to foster an environment where homegrown businesses can thrive and expand at home and beyond borders. This year, once again, our Incubator Program attracted significant interest, drawing in a remarkable 73 entries, showcasing the creativity that is shaping the future landscape of the UAE’s consumer sector.

Our winners demonstrated innovation across a range of product types, from personal care to desserts, fragrances, homeware and hot sauces – and now they will bring their unique products to our stores. ” The winners of the Fourth Edition of the Spinneys Local Business Incubator are: Winning Entrepreneur Company Product Natalie Booth Gypsy Rose Holistic Organic essential-oil blends Maher El Tabchy Tabchilli Fermented hot sauce and other fermented foods Ceri Jewell Coppertop Candles & Aromas Eco-friendly aromatherapy candles, room diffusers and gift-sets Claire Kanj Out of This Universe F&B Marshmallow desserts Alyazi Saeed Coven Wellness Hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly sanitary pads Kumar continued: “The historic success of the Incubator program reflects the resilience and ingenuity of UAE entrepreneurship. These pioneering brands, committed to quality, innovation and community align seamlessly with Spinneys’ own philosophy.

Each winning brand brings a unique perspective that resonates with today’s consumers, promising an exciting addition to our increasingly diverse product range. From strategic mentorship to market presence, Spinneys pledges unwavering support to its incubator winners, enabling high-potential businesses to flourish. We look forward to continuing to support these ventures and wish them every future success.

” Backed by government support and visionary leadership, the UAE’s startup ecosystem offers an increasingly attractive environment for entrepreneurs. In support of the startup community, Spinneys takes an active role in fostering entrepreneurial success. The Company will be showcasing the products of the Incubator winners on shelves across 69 Spinneys and Waitrose stores in the UAE, offering a direct pathway to wider consumer reach.

Spinneys also pledges ongoing guidance, market presence, and strategic mentorship to empower the winning brands. With a commitment to fostering their growth, Spinneys assists with providing entrepreneurs with the resources and backing necessary to flourish in a competitive market. For example, winners will have all fees related to shelf placement in Spinneys and Waitrose stores in the UAE waived.

These are typically borne by entrepreneurs seeking shelf space for their products. Additionally, they benefit from preferential payment terms, helping to support reliable cash flow crucial for growth and expansion. Winners will benefit from tailored coaching sessions, access to Spinneys’ marketplaces, and opportunities for featured placements, all aimed at maximizing their commercial potential.

About Spinneys Spinneys’ story started in 1961 when the first supermarket opened in Al Nasr Square. It has since grown to be one of the leading premium supermarket retailers in the UAE, with 75 stores (64 owned and 11 under management, including Waitrose) across the UAE and Oman. Much loved by expats and locals in the region, Spinneys enjoys a well-deserved reputation for forward thinking, keeping pace with changes in cooking trends and the emergence of new products worldwide.

Today, Spinneys Dubai, owned by UAE national Mr. Ali Albwardy, has built a strong name for supplying top-quality produce and offering an elevated level of customer service. Food quality, safety and freshness have always been at the forefront of the company’s ethos – just one reason the Spinneys brand is defined as ‘The fresher experience’.

Sustainability is strongly embedded into the Spinneys organisation and company goals through the 2025 Let’s Do Better Together plan, into all areas of the business, from reducing food waste, making the packaging more sustainable, to reducing carbon footprint and continuing the Local Business Incubator programme. For more information about the brand and upcoming news visit: www. spinneys.

com @spinneysuae.

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