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Android Update: Google Apps to get Major Makeover


Android Update: Google Apps to get Major Makeover Android Update: Amidst all the highlights of Google I/O 2022, there wasn’t much talk about some small but important announcements. However, they will have quite a big impact. One such announcement was made during the keynote where it was revealed that Google will show more love for its bigger screens. The tech giant plans to focus on the emergence of apps on tablets. This fits in with the main theme of the event, which was more focused on design language and custom interface. So if you’re using a tablet running on Android, you’ll soon see some visual changes to Google’s most important apps, like Google Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail, and more. Read on to find out what will change for these apps. Google I/O had a wide range of announcements where it not only revealed new products like Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Google Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro but also promised many changes in Android 13. And a significant part of the discussion was about making Android more personalized through design innovation. From home page apps that select wallpaper colours to multi-language screens, it was all about the immersive look and feel. But this has not been limited to smartphones. Google will also extend its design aesthetic to tablets. Let’s see which apps are set to look different later this year. Google Apps to Get a Major Makeover for Tablets Among the Google apps that are set to get a big makeover in upcoming Android updates, the biggest ones remain Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Duo, Calculator, YouTube Music, the Files app, the Family app Link and more. There are some apps where we know exactly what the changes will be, while others we’re still waiting to hear from Google about what they have in mind. Regardless, we know that almost every Google-powered app will get some kind of visual makeover to better fit larger screens. Here’s everything we know so far. Google Chrome: Google Chrome is one of the few apps that already provides a good experience on tablets. However, you will get a boost in your multitasking capabilities and expect a better appearance when you have multiple tabs open. Gmail: Gmail is getting a usability change. Users will get a drawer button at the top for easy access to their folders and labels in Gmail. Google Maps: Google maps offers a split view on tablets. But now, it looks like Google will shift the bottom bar to the left to allow for a better view. Files app: The Files app will get a vertical interface to make it more accessible and functionally better. Calculator: You will get a new layout with a two-column view to have more buttons and operation tools at users’ fingertips. Family Link app: The navigation drawer is getting a facelift and will have a different look and new features. Google Duo: The video calling app will have more centralized controls for easier maneuverability on larger screens. YouTube Music: App will also get a dual-column view and navigation rail to make the whole box compact and allow more features on the screen.

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