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Best drone deals: Top discounts from DJI, Parrot, Skydio and others


If you’re looking for the best drone deals on the market, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve rounded up all the biggest discounts and put them in this handy guide. Whether you’re looking for something cool to entertain the kids or you’re chasing a high-end bit of kit, we’ve included something to suit every level of experience and every budget. In the guide below you’ll see a host of the best drone deals which include big discounts on some of the best drones available. These days, people use drones for a number of different reasons, whether it’s just for the fun of flying, to play around with the tech available or to capture some serious aerial shots. The best drone deals in this guide reflect that with the range of products that are on offer. For example, DJI’s latest model in the Mavic line of drones, the DJI Mavic 3 is currently on offer at Amazon’s lowest ever price . Or if you’re looking for something a little more child-friendly then there’s an HR drone for kids, which is now only $36.54 . We like drones a lot, so naturally, this isn’t our only round-up despite this being the best place to check out the best drone deals available right now. You can also check out the best beginner drones if you’re wanting to try your hand at flying one. You can also check out our drones on Amazon guide if you don’t quite find what you’re looking for in this guide. However, if it’s the camera specs that you look for in a drone, it could also be worth checking out our in-depth guides to the best cameras and camera deals . Otherwise, for the best drone deals on the market, read on below. DJI Mavic 3 Drone $2199 $2049 on Amazon . Save $150 and get Amazon’s best ever price on DJI’s latest installment to the Mavic line of drones. It comes with a camera that can shoot 4K HD and 1080p, has 46 minutes of flight time, a transmission range of 15 kilometers and has a return home feature. DJI Mavic Mini Combo: $499 $399 at B&H After its $200 and $100 discounts have ended, this Mavic Mini combo deal slipped to just $40 off, but it has now returned to $100 off. The combo comes with three spare batteries and spare propellers – along with other accessories – so you can get the most out of your flying experience. DJI Mavic Mini Combo: $499 $399 at Amazon The DJI Mavic Mini Combo is back in stock at Amazon, with over $100 discount , and we think this a great deal. The combo comes with three spare batteries and spare propellers – along with other accessories – so you can get the most out of your flying experience. Note: The deal is the same as above, just from a different retailer, so we’ve included it here in case stock runs out. DJI Mavic Mini: $399 $294 at Amazon Save over $100: While the DJI Mavic Mini Combo is our top deal, if you’re only looking for the drone itself, you can save $150 in this deal from Amazon. This drone sports a 2.7K camera for video and can fly for 30 minutes on a single charge via a smartphone app for either Android or iOS. DJI Mini 2 Drone Bundle: $672.89 $479 at Adorama Save over $193 on this bundle of a DJI Mini 2 Drone with its 64 GB microSD card, shoulder bag and Corel PC software suite included. This bundle is the best we’ve seen so far for the DJI Mini 2, which boasts a 4K camera for stunning aerial film and photos. DJI Mini SE with Outdoor Accessory Combo Kit: $494.99 $399 at B&H Save nearly $100 on this DJI Mini SE deal stands out with its many accessories (including a landing pad and landing gear extensions) that make up for its 2.7K video (as opposed to other 4K offerings). Its battery allows up to 30 minutes of flight and it comes with a hard-shell carrying case to keep it safe on the go. DJI FPV Combo $1299 $999 on Amazon We really like the price of this FPV [first-person view] drone, from popular manufacturer DJI. It’s one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on the model ( and you can save $300 ) which grants you an immersive flying experience through the use of FPV goggles. There’s no date on when this deal will end, so move quickly before it disappears. It’s worth noting that this combo was discounted from $1299 down to $999, so Amazon have removed the saving but kept the same price. Ryze Tech Tello Boost combo $149 $99 on Amazon This compact little drone is perfect for beginners. On its own, it’s usually priced at $99.99 – but this package throws in three extra batteries, which means you’ll get much more flying time when you’re out and about. If you’re looking for a gift for a youngster – or a starter drone for yourself – this is the one to buy. HR Drone for Kids $44.99 $36.54 on Amazon This small drone is designed with kids in mind, with one-key take-offs and landings, and an altitude hold mode for easy operation. It has a 1080p HD camera and wifi module to stream live video to mobile devices, with 40 minutes of flight time on 2 batteries (20 minutes each). Parrot Anafi: $699.99 $468.99 on Amazon You can currently get a huge $231 off this popular drone, which comes with a 4K HDR camera. It features a lightweight, foldable design so you can take it with you wherever you go. There are numerous types of drones, but when it comes to buying one, there are (very roughly) three main categories: toys, FPVs and photography/video models. The toys are the simplest. Weighing under 250g, they tend to cluster together at the lower end of the price range because they feature simpler designs. They don’t usually sport any kind of camera. Instead, they give people the opportunity to try their hand at flying something simply for the fun of it, without any bells and whistles. Designs that fall into this category are still subject to drone regulations , but you don’t have to register them with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). FPV drones are designed to give you a first person view when you are flying. This is typically done through the use of goggles, which you wear when you fly. A lot of models also let you stream the drone-camera view to a smartphone. This type of drone is usually used for racing or for tackling obstacle courses. You can read a full breakdown of their design in our article: ‘What are FPV drones ?’ They can feature some good cameras on their main body, but they are usually built to prioritise speed. A lot of FPV drone enthusiasts like to build their own models, too. Finally, you have the prosumer photography/video models. There’s still massive variation within this category, as some cheaper models sport simpler camera designs and won’t cost too much. But the really top-end drones in this category have huge sensors that allow experts to take wonderful panoramic shots or videos from high up in the air. These drones can cost as little as $100 but most of them sit around the $1000 mark – and the really top-end models can set you back by $8000. The more expensive drones tend to feature sophisticated designs, with automatic-collision detection that help keep your drone safe and some cool pre-programmed flight paths that allow you to take interesting videos. Whichever one you choose, do make sure you buy insurance, too, as they can suffer if you give them an accidental knock.

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