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Entrepreneur succeeds in the art of recruiting experts


Srinivas NanduriSrinivas NanduriOver the years seeking the assistance of executive search and selection firms to recruit for positions in organizations has gained prominence as companies have been found to outsource their headhunting and recruitment needs to these firms as they find that this is a specialized area which requires expertise. Here is the success story of a Maxima, a Broad-Spectrum Executive Search and Selection Firm which provides this expertise. The company came into existence in 1999 as RM Associates and then rechristened itself as Maxima in 2003.

Headquartered in Singapore, this global consulting practice is engaged in top management and board searches worldwide. Speaking to The Hans India Srinivas Nanduri who is a successful businessman and Partner- Board & Leadership Practice- India, Maxima said that they assist startups or growth phase companies and help in hiring. CEOs, Board Level Executives, Subject Matter Experts, Country Heads for global MNCs, large regional conglomerates etc.

They also work closely with the VC & PE firms across the region to help them hire teams for their investee companies. “We also have corporate linkages & tie-ups between companies in the US/Europe and the emerging economies of Asia such as India, China and other countries in the Middle East & the Far East, where we work with clients in different parts of the globe to help them in find partners for JVs or acquisitions or mergers. ” he added.

The company’s major thrust in the past few years in Asia has been mostly in the Asia Pacific, UAE, India and in China where they have worked for a diverse range of clients in Banking and Financial Services, Consumer products, core infrastructure, manufacturing Chemical, Food, Electronics, Engineering and Technology to name a few. In the Asia Pacific region they worked with large MNC or Asian groups to set up operations in Indonesia for their senior level recruitment needs from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan. This broad spectrum search firm’s major global practice groups include Life sciences, Healthcare, Commodity Trading, Retail & Property, High Technology, Green Energy, Biotech & IT “Our focus is on finding senior professionals from Board to Senior Management level to create, spearhead and manage businesses in challenging environments worldwide.

” said Srinivas. He said his team has always been ahead in understanding global developments, sector developments, and the people. “We proactively track talent who can bring value to our clients for their businesses,” he stated.

Srinivas said Maxima’s evaluation programs include 360 degree program which is their USP. “Our 360 degree approach uses very carefully designed tools to evaluate professionals beyond their professional caliber, which help us to provide our clients an indepth report which include direct and discreet reference checks, psychometric evaluation, integrity issues, team management, leadership abilities to name a few. Talking more on what they have been pushing for through the D&I, he said “We have a diversity desk headed by diversity professionals who are on a continuous mission to track a pool of diverse professionals who are talented across the region.

Hence we have access to diversity pools. ” The key differentiator, he said is they have proactive approach in growing meaningful networks, gaining access to professionals who are doing well and who are otherwise not there on social networks, gaining unique information about the professionals, and providing the right talent to the client in quick time, he added. .

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