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Gemini Vs OpenAI: Google has unveiled Gemini, their biggest AI model ever; and throws a challenge to OpenAI


New Delhi: To compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Meta’s Llama 2 in the emerging artificial intelligence market, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, introduced Gemini, its biggest and most powerful AI model to date, on December 6. With the consolidation of DeepMind and Google Brain into Google DeepMind, the company’s artificial intelligence research branch now headed by Demis Hassabis, this is Alphabet’s first AI model. Introducing Gemini, Google’s largest and most capable AI model.

🧵 #GeminiAI https://t. co/T0tIw9HQyO — Google (@Google) December 6, 2023 The basic “multimodal” aspect of Gemini’s design allows it to comprehend and process several forms of information simultaneously, such as text, code, voice, images, and video. In one of the demonstrations, Google demonstrated how Gemini can observe in a human-like way, comprehend, assess, and propose a plan of action in real time.

🚨 Google DeepMind reveals Gemini – Biggest ChatGPT competitor. Gemini can outperform ChatGPT in every metric. This is going to be a game changer.

Imagine Google’s search engine combined with ChatGPT capabilities. Will GPT-5 compete with Gemini? pic. twitter.

com/8Ja8iOaMKm — Darosham (@Darosham_) December 6, 2023 The AI model will be offered in three sizes: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano. Gemini Ultra will be the biggest and most competent model for complicated activities, Gemini Pro will scale well across many jobs, and Gemini Nano will handle on-device tasks. Google just revealed Gemini and will directly integrate the AI into Google apps.

The GPT-4 competitor comes in 3 models — Ultra, Pro, and Nano. Here’s a thread of EVERYTHING you need to know: pic. twitter.

com/zYYyfR68Hr — Rowan Cheung (@rowancheung) December 6, 2023 From December 13, developers and corporate customers can use the Gemini API in Google AI Studio or Google Cloud Vertex AI to access Gemini Pro. AICore, a new system feature in Android 14, lets Android developers create with Gemini Nano on Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. Google will use Gemini across all products.

Gemini Nano powers Summarise in the Recorder app and Smart Reply via Gboard, beginning with WhatsApp, in Pixel 8 Pro starting today. Gemini will expand to Search, Ads, Chrome, and Duet AI. #TeamPixel , we come bearing gifts!🎁 #Pixel8 Pro is now running Gemini Nano that powers AI features like Summarize in Recorder📝& Smart Reply in Gboard.

💬 But that’s not all! Learn how a new #FeatureDrop makes your Pixel (even older ones) feel new again: https://t. co/E3xkAYBYoz pic. twitter.

com/MZtMN48DV9 — Made by Google (@madebygoogle) December 6, 2023 Since Gemini Ultra is currently undergoing trust and safety tests, select customers, developers, partners, and safety and responsibility specialists will be allowed to explore and provide feedback before it is released to developers and corporate customers early next year. At the same time, new features like “Summarise” in the Recorder app and Smart Reply in Gboard, powered by Gemini Nano, will be available on Pixel 8 Pro devices shortly. This will begin with WhatsApp and other messaging applications next year.

The first artificial intelligence model to achieve better results than human experts on the massive multitask language understanding benchmark tests both general knowledge and problem-solving abilities across 57 different subjects, including math, physics, history, law, medicine, and ethics. Meanwhile, Gemini Pro surpassed GPT-3. 5 in six out of eight benchmarks, according to Sissie Hsiao, VP of Google Assistant and Bard.

These benchmarks include MMLU and GSM8K, which assess grade-level arithmetic thinking. Let’s go hands-on with #GeminiAI . Our newest AI model can reason across different types of inputs and outputs — like images and text.

See Gemini’s multimodal reasoning capabilities in action ↓ pic. twitter. com/tikHjGJ5Xj — Google (@Google) December 6, 2023 He said that Gemini is their most versatile model to date since it works well on every platform, from mobile devices to data centres, and because its features will improve the way developers and businesses use AI.

Python, Java, C++, and Go are just a few of the major programming languages that the AI model can comprehend, explain, and produce high-quality code in. .

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