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New State Mobile Update: Play With New Modes, Weapons, and Maps


Play With New Modes, Weapons, and MapsPlay With New Modes, Weapons, and MapsNew State Mobile May Update – Here’s some good news for New State Mobile players. According to the latest update, the game is getting the new Round Deathmatch map, Underbridge, and much more along with the start of Season 3. Also, a variety of new content and improvements have come with the May update. Updates are here to make your game more exciting. New State Mobile players can check out the May updates here:New Mode: RDMThe new RDM map, Underbridge, is now available. Underbridge features 4v4 combat with a shrinking blue zone. You can enjoy medium to long range combat using SR and DMR to your heart’s content. There are watchtowers that can be used to locate the enemy, allowing for tactical strategies. You must go through the puddle located in the center to cross the enemy lines.According to information provided by the game, the items provided to players in each round include Deployable Shield: Wide type; 1 fragmentation grenade; 1 smoke grenade; 1 poison grenade; 1 stun grenade; Care packages do not appear in Underbridge. New Weapon: M110A1The M110A1 is a newer DMR that uses 7.62mm rounds. It boasts excellent damage and stable recoil and has the fastest bullet speed of any gun that uses 7.62mm rounds. Various accessories can be used on the M110A1 through the scope, magazine, muzzle, and side pad slots.New Action: CarryA new transport function has been added. You can tap the Carry button to carry eliminated players and move around. You can target both allies and enemies alike. You cannot shoot over the shoulder and ADS while carrying someone. Only permanent fire is possible. You cannot use healing or throwable items while carrying someone. You cannot use some actions like crouching, prone, rolling, etc. while carrying someone. Shots aimed at the carried player will go through and directly damage the player carrying the knocked out player. Start of season 3Tier Resets – With the start of Season 3, tiers have been reset based on the final tiers from the previous season.Survivor Pass Vol.7The new Survivor Pass Vol.7 has started! The main character of Survivor Pass Vol.7 is Paul Rubin from the New State faction. Players will need to complete all story missions to get all of their costumes and skins for free. Upgrade to the Premium Pass to get the “Dr Loco.” costume set and receive more rewards when you purchase Premium Plus. If you purchase the Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, all CN spent on the Pass will be refunded to you.New Permanent Event: Weekly QuestsA new permanent event has been added where you can try new quests every week. The missions are made up of High, Medium and Low difficulty, and are given randomly. You can get a reward for completing each weekly quest and you will receive a Chicken Medal x1 for completing all 3 quests. If you don’t like the mission, you can use BP to upgrade your mission. It should be noted that the weekly missions are renewed every Monday.

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