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YouTuberA4 Tops New Survey Of Highest-Earning Gaming Channels – Most Won’t Be So Lucky


Social Media YouTuberA4 Tops New Survey Of Highest-Earning Gaming Channels – Most Won’t Be So Lucky Peter Suciu Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. May 24, 2022, 01:02pm EDT | Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin Being a gaming YouTuber certainly seems like a dream job – it involves playing and watching video . .

. [+] games – but very few will be as successful as A4, PewDiePie or Feranfloo. getty A new study conducted by Casinoscore , which analyzed YouTube and Google search data for the most-followed gaming YouTubers, and ranked them according to their estimated earnings per video, found that Belarusian gaming and lifestyle YouTuber A4 has the highest-earning gaming channel on the platform.

A4 reportedly made more than $53,000 per video, and had third most followed YouTube gaming channel, registering 39. 8 million subscribers, following PewDiePie (111 million) and Fernanfloo (44. 9 million).

The Latin American YouTuber Fernanfloo also had the second highest-paid channel, earning estimated $42,000 per video, followed by FGTeeV, who made an estimated $27,336 per video. The recent study also found that despite being the most-followed YouTuber, PewDiePie was now sixth in the ranking, earning an average of $14,177 per video. “These figures demonstrate that for millions of people, watching video gamers on YouTube is as natural as watching Netflix or Disney+,” explained a Casinoscore spokesperson via an email.

“The content creators have built up massive followings and are bringing together a huge community from all over the world, and as gaming continues to grow in popularity, it’s likely that these YouTubers will accumulate even more followers. ” Anyone Can Do It… Being a gaming YouTuber certainly seems like a dream job – it involves playing and watching video games – but very few will be as successful as A4, PewDiePie or Feranfloo. MORE FOR YOU A New Clubhouse Feature Aims To Increase Small, Private Chats—And Deeper Engagement Facebook Admits It Reported Faulty Numbers To Advertisers, Blames Apple AOC’s ‘Tax The Rich Dress’ – Ultimate Fashion Statement Or Display Of Hypocrisy “It’s luck, picking the right game, the right personality and a lot of hard work,” warned technology analyst Roger Entner of Recon Analytics.

In fact, it takes not just talent and the right personality, but no shortage of a knowledge of games and technological know-how. The best YouTubers have proven that a professional presentation is very necessary to stand out. “It is absolutely a mix of all of the above.

I can’t stress the role that talent, serendipity and timing also play,” said Scott Steinberg, a brand market expert who regularly follows trends on social media. “There have been countless individuals who were a few years too early and likely gave up too soon, while it is equally hard for new comers to break in,” Steinberg explained. “For every one successful streamer, there are thousands who toiling away in obscurity.

” Moreover, just as there are an overabundance of gaming-related news and review websites, the market is saturated with too many streaming video platforms. That makes it increasingly hard for anyone new to stand out. “It is really all about passion and personality,” added Steinberg.

“It has become a cult of personality just like everything else, and there are plenty with all sorts of great content who are lost in the sea of white noise. You need to be able to differentiate and stand out, and that’s not as easy as it sounds. We can’t all ‘unbox’ toys for a living.

” Why Is Gaming So Big? What is also notable from the recent findings is that gaming YouTubers are able to cash in – and the money made per video is massively higher than other channels. “Video games are now bigger than even movies and other mainstream entertainment,” said Steinberg. “The eyeballs that these videos obtain are also so much higher.

” That is why music instruction, wood working and even history YouTube channels don’t make nearly the same amount of money. “We have to remember that a large portion of the gaming audience is constantly online and they’re consuming more videos. That is also why streamers are making more money than indie musicians and stamp collectors,” Steinberg continued.

“And unlike with those hobbies, gaming benefits from the fact that a lot of consoles allow you to stream from the units. That is lower friction. ” And a higher payday for the gaming YouTubers.

If only we could all do it. Follow me on Twitter . Peter Suciu Editorial Standards Print Reprints & Permissions.

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